Editor's Letters
Issue: September / October 2015

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ~ Mahatma Gandhi

By - September 25, 2015

It’s been an extraordinary couple of months. I have only been in London for just over two weeks and three days since mid July and most of the rest of that time was spent travelling in countries with totally different cultures where I had only ever dreamed of going. It has truly been a time where I have... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: July / August 2015

A New Dawn

By - July 27, 2015

It has been ten years since there was an in depth piece of research on the Assistant role in the United Kingdom. Of course part of the reason for this was the recession – who wants to invest to get doom and gloom results? But the drought is over and we have been lucky enough... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: May / June 2015

Vive la Difference

By - May 26, 2015

This weekend I spent an informative and inspirational day with over 200 Assistants from Italy. I spoke at their Secretary Day conference with a translator using consecutive as opposed to simultaneous translation. It meant that I had to pause every couple of lines in order to allow the translator to relay what I was saying... Read more »
Issue: May / June 2015

When It’s Not Love at First Sight

By - May 25, 2015

Lucy Brazier explains three strategies to adopt whilst you rule yourself in or out of this new relationship
Editor's Letters
Issue: May / June 2015

An Open Letter to the World’s CEOs on Administrative Professionals Day

By - May 6, 2015

There is a quiet revolution going on in offices across the world and it is coming from the most unlikely of employees. Last year, the American Society of Administrative Professionals conducted   research across its 50,000 members which categorically proved that since the recession and the cull of many middle management jobs across the world, Assistants... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: March / April 2015

One Profession, One Voice

By - March 25, 2015

Our friend Bonnie Low Kramen is fond of saying that there has never been a more exciting time to be an Assistant. She’s right! There is so much change in the pipeline and the role is evolving like never before. As promised, the video we made of Assistants all over the world that we put... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: January / February 2015

The Way Forward

By - January 26, 2015

So that’s it! The International Year of the Secretary and Assistant is no more. After a year of speaking, writing, campaigning and generally stirring up the world’s Assistants and Executives it has all come to an end. PAFSA in South Africa will be collating all the results over the next couple of months in order to take a view... Read more »
Issue: January / February 2015

PROFILE – PA of the Year Tribe 2014: The Amazing Journey We Walked Together

By - January 25, 2015

The International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant 2014, initiated by South Africa’s Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants (PAFSA), was launched to commemorate and mark the 30th anniversary since the first year of the secretary which was celebrated in 1984 in the United States. The year 2014 also marked the 9th year... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: November / December 2014

Excellence and the Assistant – doing ordinary things extraordinarily well

By - November 25, 2014

Striving for excellence is an important part of professionalism in any job explains Lucy Brazier
Editor's Letters
Issue: September / October 2014

Coming Full Circle

By - September 27, 2014

Earlier in the month, I had the honour of presenting the keynote at PAFSA’s IYOTSA Conference in South Africa. As Global Brand Ambassador for International Year of the Secretary and Assistant, I have visited many countries this year, explaining to Assistants how the role has changed and encouraging them to think of themselves as strategic... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: July / August 2014

Summer Space

By - July 25, 2014

As many of you know, I spend my summers out at our apartment in Spain. I am still working but it gives me head space to plan and look at new options that we might offer you in the coming year. It’s a precious time, where I have time and space to step back from... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: May / June 2014

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

By - May 27, 2014

So here is the thing. Those of you that have seen me speak or met me in person will know that I have a pathological phobia of flying. It has been known to scare me so much that it has made me physically sick. Even the thought of flying sent me into apoplexy and heading... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: March / April 2014

The Spring is Sprung

By - March 27, 2014

It’s that time of the year again when here at Executive Secretary Towers we celebrate our birthday. It’s three years since we relaunched the magazine as a global publication and what a ride it has been. The last 12 months alone have seen us nominated as a finalist for ‘Business Magazine of the Year’, raise... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: January / February 2014

An Open Invitation

By - January 27, 2014

So here we are. It’s finally the year that we have all been waiting for. It’s our year! The year when we spread the word that Assistants are no longer just ‘assisting’, they are ‘doing’ as business people in their own right. With some of the world’s most powerful Associations and trainers from all four... Read more »
Cover Story Leadership
Issue: January / February 2014

IYOTSA 2014; Powered by Excellence

By - January 26, 2014

Your guide to the International Year of the Secretary and Assistant 1. What is IYOTSA? IYOTSA is the International Year of the Secretary and Assistant. It takes place this year, 2014. In 1984, a similar international celebration was organised by the PSI and 2014 marks its 30th anniversary. The 2014 celebrations are coming out of... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: November / December 2013

Changing Perceptions

By - November 27, 2013

Here at Executive Secretary, we are gearing up for a year that could change the world for Assistants. Did you know that 2014 is the International Year of the Secretary and that we have just been appointed as Global Brand Ambassador for this extraordinary event? It’s 30 years since the last one and it couldn’t... Read more »