Issue: February / March 2024

Excel Spreadsheets: Creating Impactful Excel Charts and Graphs

By - January 25, 2024

Excel can be a powerful ally in creating charts and graphs that not only communicate data but also tell a compelling story, says Traci Williams
Issue: August / September 2023

Excel Spreadsheets: Common Excel Questions

By - July 25, 2023

Traci Williams shares her answers to the most common Excel questions she is asked
Issue: June / July 2023

How to Use an Excel Spreadsheet to Manage Your Tasks

By - May 25, 2023

Upgrade your manual to-do list with Traci Williams’ top tips on using Excel to manage your tasks
Issue: February / March 2023

Excel: Take Your Pivot Tables to the Next Level

By - January 25, 2023

Mike Thomas explains how to use the data model to work around some of Excel's pivot table limitations
Issue: February / March 2023

Excel Spreadsheets: Mistakes

By - January 25, 2023

Errors in your spreadsheet? Traci Williams shares her recommendations for dealing with mistakes in Excel
Issue: December 2022 / January 2023

Excel Spreadsheets: Styles

By - November 25, 2022

Using ‘Styles’ is a great way to apply lots of formatting styles consistently to spreadsheets, explains Traci Williams
Issue: October / November 2022

Excel Spreadsheets: Protecting Spreadsheets

By - September 25, 2022

Traci Williams explains how to protect formulas from being overwritten
Issue: June / July 2022

Fabulous Formatting for Excel Spreadsheets

By - May 25, 2022

Traci Williams offers useful formatting tips for your Excel spreadsheets
track your time
Issue: April / May 2022

Track Your Time

By - March 25, 2022

Traci Williams explains how to set up a spreadsheet so that you can track your time
Issue: February / March 2022

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

By - January 25, 2022

Use mnemonics to help you remember tips, shortcuts and formulas across Microsoft Office, explains Karen Roem
Issue: February / March 2022

Excel Spreadsheets: Using Vlookup and Index / Match

By - January 25, 2022

Traci Williams explains the similarities and differences between Vlookup and Index / Match
Issue: December 2021 / January 2022

Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

By - November 25, 2021

Traci Williams shares her Excel expertise and unlocks the mysteries of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
spreadsheet: tables and grpahs on laptop screen
Issue: October / November 2021

Excel Spreadsheets: Where to Start

By - September 25, 2021

Traci Williams guides us through the best ways to set up a spreadsheet
Issue: January / February 2020

Creating a Good List in Excel

By - January 25, 2020

In this extract from “Dirty Data: Excel techniques to turn what you get into what you need” Melissa Esquibel explains the importance of a good list in excel
Issue: May / June 2018

Rethinking “Organized”

By - May 25, 2018

Melissa Esquibel’s tips on organizing your digital information across Outlook, Word and Excel
Issue: July / August 2013

The most essential Excel feature every assistant should use

By - July 23, 2013

As a former PA turned technology instructor, Vickie Sokol Evans has worked with every type of document, spreadsheet, presentation and database you can imagine over the past 25 years, and seen some major improvements in the technology since the dos-based version of Word. We have the capability to get more things done in less time,... Read more »