Cover Story
Issue: May / June 2016

Your Potential for Influence

By - May 25, 2016

Lisa Olsen shares her effective strategies for developing your potential for influence
Cover Story Personal Development
Issue: March / April 2016

Personal Development Planning and the Assistant

By - March 25, 2016

Kathleen Drum takes us on a journey of personal development
Cover Story Productivity
Issue: January / February 2016

Four Basic Steps to Organizing Anything

By - January 25, 2016

Julie Perrine reveals the simple organizing system she picked up from the experts Organization is an essential skill for every successful assistant. However, given the chaos of our work environments, and the complexity of some projects, getting and staying organized can be a challenge even for the most organized among us. Throughout my career, I’ve... Read more »
Cover Story Personal Development
Issue: November / December 2015

The HELLO Strategy to Networking

By - November 26, 2015

It’s all about who you know, says Lindsay Taylor
Cover Story
Issue: September / October 2015

Executives and Assistants Working In Partnership

By - September 25, 2015

In our fast-moving world, how do we find time to get along? asks Joan Burge
Cover Story Health & Wellbeing
Issue: July / August 2015

Neuroscience and Mindfulness

By - July 25, 2015

In this extract from her new book, Sue France explains how mindfulness is about living your life as if it really matters
Cover Story
Issue: May / June 2015

Brave PAs

By - May 25, 2015

Angela Garry offers brave tips on how to make your job more enjoyable
Communication Cover Story
Issue: March / April 2015

Find Your Voice, Speak Up and Let the Awesomeness Begin

By - March 25, 2015

Silence is our enemy; we must learn to speak up says Bonnie Low-Kramen
Cover Story Processes & Procedures
Issue: January / February 2015

Creating an Assistant Network Within Your Organisation

By - January 25, 2015

Cathy Harris leads the way with her comprehensive guide to creating an Assistant Network within your organisation
Cover Story
Issue: November / December 2014

Grow Your Career – Expand Your Responsibilities

By - November 25, 2014

Going through the motions? Cathy Harris has a cure… Taking stock of your profession at a point where you feel routine has taken over, when you feel like a robot that gets switched on at 8am and off at 5pm, and when your profession has now become a sense of duty rather than a passion,... Read more »
Cover Story
Issue: September / October 2014

Time Management or Behaviour Management?

By - September 26, 2014

With 86,400 seconds a day to negotiate, Joanne Barnfather navigates a path Time is precious. You cannot save time. You cannot put a couple hours away in a cupboard to use later when you need them. It seems that time is the greatest enemy of many people. Yet some people seem to get the job... Read more »
Cover Story Leadership
Issue: July / August 2014

10 Things I Wish They Would Teach in Business School

By - July 25, 2014

Bonnie Low-Kramen’s vision for a leadership curriculum
Cover Story Leadership
Issue: May / June 2014

Meet the New Middle Manager: Today’s Administrative Professional

By - May 26, 2014

Judy Geller introduces the administrative professional of the future
Cover Story
Issue: March / April 2014

Getting to Yes! – Gaining Support for Training

By - March 25, 2014

Don’t take “no” for an answer, says Joan Burge
Cover Story Leadership
Issue: January / February 2014

IYOTSA 2014; Powered by Excellence

By - January 26, 2014

Your guide to the International Year of the Secretary and Assistant 1. What is IYOTSA? IYOTSA is the International Year of the Secretary and Assistant. It takes place this year, 2014. In 1984, a similar international celebration was organised by the PSI and 2014 marks its 30th anniversary. The 2014 celebrations are coming out of... Read more »
Cover Story
Issue: November / December 2013

8 Rules of Networking Etiquette Every Administrative Professional Should Heed

By - November 26, 2013

Robert Hosking explores the social skills we all need