Personal Development
Issue: April / May 2024

Create Your Own Breakthrough Moments to Be Seen and Valued

By - March 25, 2024

Why was an actress’s public acknowledgement of Assistants to her agent and managers so meaningful to so many? asks Shelagh Donnelly
Career Development
Issue: June / July 2023

It’s Time for Change

By - May 25, 2023

Shelagh Donnelly challenges us to examine our relationship with Administrative Professionals Day
Cover Story Technology
Issue: April / May 2023

You, ChatGPT and Change

By - March 25, 2023

Given ChatGPT’s capabilities, you may want to know that Shelagh Donnelly – a human – wrote this article!
Personal Development
Issue: October / November 2022

Are You a Perfectionist?

By - September 25, 2022

Our commitment to quality can become an issue when we don’t know where to draw the line, says Shelagh Donnelly
Personal Development
Issue: December 2021 / January 2022

Pandemic Life: Lessons to Take into the New Year

By - November 25, 2021

Reflect on how adaptable you’ve been and commit to nourishing your wellbeing with Shelagh’s #Reclaiming60ForResilience challenge
Cyber Awareness - padlock in bytes
Issue: August / September 2021

Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Cyber Awareness

By - July 25, 2021

The more cyber aware we are, the more we can mitigate risks in both our work and personal lives, explains Shelagh Donnelly
Issue: November / December 2020

When the Going Gets Tough

By - November 25, 2020

Shelagh Donnelly offers her perspective on actions you can take when the going gets tough
Issue: November / December 2019

The Art of Self-Advocacy

By - November 25, 2019

Shelagh Donnelly explains the art of self-promotion and self-advocacy
Personal Development
Issue: May / June 2019

A Call for Self Management

By - May 24, 2019

Your career needs to support a good life explains Shelagh Donnelly
Cover Story
Issue: January / February 2019

Why and How You Should Hone Your Interview Skills

By - January 25, 2019

When the need or opportunity arises, you’ll want to be able to deliver a strong interview explains Shelagh Donnelly
Career Development
Issue: July / August 2018

Why do you stay with your employer?

By - July 25, 2018

Engaged employees contribute effectively to their organisation’s success explains Shelagh Donnelly
Issue: May / June 2018

Executive Support LIVE – a Conference that is more than a Conference

By - May 25, 2018

Julia Schmidt explains how attending Executive Support LIVE has expanded her learning experience
Cover Story
Issue: September / October 2017

Cybersecurity for Proactive Administrative Professionals

By - September 25, 2017

Executive Assistants are considered to be the employees most vulnerable to technology breaches within an office says Shelagh Donnelly
Career Development
Issue: May / June 2017

Are you overly possessive?

By - May 25, 2017

… or do you place your apostrophes appropriately? asks Shelagh Donnelly
Cover Story
Issue: March / April 2017

Shattering the Assistant Stereotype

By - March 24, 2017

Together we can challenge the perception of our profession says Shelagh Donnelly
Personal Development
Issue: September / October 2016

A Season for Learning and Self-Assessment

By - September 26, 2016

Are you part of the contingent of administrative professionals taking control of your career? asks Shelagh Donnelly