Career Development
Issue: September / October 2017

8 Ways to Prepare for a Job Loss While You Are Still Employed

By - September 25, 2017

The best “revenge” for being terminated in a job is landing a fabulous new job with better pay and perks says Marie Herman
Career Development
Issue: September / October 2014

Weathering the Storm: Surviving and Thriving After Redundancy

By - September 25, 2014

Kathleen Drum’s story of how to bounce back (twice!) from redundancy
Personal Development
Issue: May / June 2012

Redundancy…Coping with Change

By - May 25, 2012

Redundancy is often seen as the end, but it can really be the beginning of a great new phase in your career.   At the age of 14 my mother pushed me to do a typewriting course, and then a secretarial course so that I would find a career as a Secretary. ‘Being a Secretary... Read more »
Editor's Letters
Issue: May / June 2011

Mayday, Mayday

By - May 27, 2011

Sometimes it is not easy to see the bigger picture. My inbox is full of emails from those of you that have been made redundant and trying to find a job for quite some time. Most of you are highly experienced in your roles and are finding the reality of being unemployed hugely stressful. Some... Read more »