Your Roadmap to Effective Office Systems

By - March 25, 2018

Systems are at the heart of every successful assistant and office says Julie Perrine

Systems and Procedures: What They Are and Why You Need Both

By - January 25, 2017

Systems and procedures make your job easier and support you and your team says Julie Perrine Systems and procedures help your office run smoothly. They facilitate stress relief, make your job easier, and allow someone else to do your job with little to no problem if you’re sick, on vacation, or out of the office.... Read more »
Cover Story

7 Tips for Creating Effective Administrative Procedures

By - March 23, 2013

Julie Perrine on how to get organised Administrative procedures are a vital component of any efficient office. They’re an extremely valuable resource and creating them is a huge service to your executive and team. Not only do they allow others to easily cover for you during absences or vacations, they also act as a reference... Read more »
Processes & Procedures

Creating Your Administrative Procedures Binder

By - November 25, 2011

Julie Perrine details her five-step process for creating your administrative procedures binder Step by Step Many admins cringe when they think about creating an administrative procedures binder (“admin binder”) for their position. Where in the world do you begin when it feels like you are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your office? How do... Read more »