Issue: April / May 2022

What’s the Word on WordPress?

By - March 25, 2022

Step outside your comfort zone and step into the world of web content by experimenting with WordPress, says Marie Herman
Personal Development
Issue: December 2021 / January 2022

Are You Ruled By Fear?

By - November 25, 2021

Use Marie Herman’s techniques to make decisions from a place of calm rather than a place of fear
email inbox
Issue: October / November 2021

Incinerating Your Email Inbox in Outlook

By - September 25, 2021

Marie Herman explains the Outlook functions that can help you get (and stay) on top of your email inbox
managing expectations on projects
Project Management
Issue: June / July 2021

Managing Expectations on Projects

By - May 25, 2021

Marie Herman shares her top tips for managing expectations on projects to ensure success
Career Development
Issue: April / May 2021

How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers

By - March 23, 2021

Marie Herman explains how to ensure that your resume rises to the top of the pile and gets noticed by employers
Career Development
Issue: September / October 2020

Fight Fire With FIRE

By - September 25, 2020

Marie Herman explains her strategy to fight fire with FIRE and gain control of your day
Issue: May / June 2020

Participating in a Videoconference

By - May 25, 2020

Marie Herman shares her top tips to get the most out of your next videoconference
Personal Development
Issue: March / April 2020

Mind Reading 101

By - March 25, 2020

The ability to anticipate what our executive needs is the holy grail of administrative professional skills explains Marie Herman
Career Development
Issue: January / February 2020

Staying Relevant in a Changing Workplace

By - January 25, 2020

Marie Herman’s five step plan for staying relevant in a changing workplace
Career Development Cover Story
Issue: November / December 2019

What Does Your Ideal Job Look Like?

By - November 25, 2019

Marie Herman puts a plan together to help you determine your ideal job
Issue: September / October 2019

20 Ideas for Social Media Posts

By - September 25, 2019

Marie Herman details 20 social media posts that will enhance your reputation and build relationships with others
Issue: July / August 2019

Are Your Words Holding You Back?

By - July 25, 2019

You are the only one who can speak up to share your thoughts and opinions explains Marie Herman
Events Excellence
Issue: May / June 2019

7 Strategies to Successfully Plan a Large-Scale Meeting

By - May 24, 2019

Feel confident in handling a large-scale meeting with Marie Herman’s guidance
Career Development Cover Story
Issue: March / April 2019

Power Searching the Internet

By - March 25, 2019

Reduce the amount of time it takes you to get the answers you need and give yourself an opportunity to shine says Marie Herman
Career Development
Issue: January / February 2019

Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals

By - January 25, 2019

Persistence is the key to making focused progress towards your end results says Marie Herman
Personal Development
Issue: November / December 2018

The Insidious Horn or Halo Effect

By - November 26, 2018

Marie Herman details the effect of confirmation bias in the workplace