Issue: January / February 2021

Effective Communication during COVID-19

By - January 25, 2021

Maria Henze explains how her organisation ensures effective communication during COVID-19
Personal Development
Issue: November / December 2019

Are You Feeling Like a Fraud?

By - November 25, 2019

Speak up about feeling like a fraud; you may be suffering from impostor syndrome says Maria Henze
Personal Development
Issue: September / October 2018

Say Goodbye to the Post-Holiday Blues!

By - September 25, 2018

Maria Henze gives her top tips for dealing with back-to-work anxiety
Career Development
Issue: May / June 2018

Mastering the Motivation Mountain

By - May 25, 2018

A job well done - and that inevitably includes routine tasks - can mean opportunity for growth in the long term says Maria Henze
Issue: March / April 2017

Building relationships across cultures and nationalities

By - March 24, 2017

Celebrating diversity, rather than judging people who are different, is rewarding and fun says Maria Henze