Career Development
Issue: October / November 2022

Quiet Quitting: Is There a Better Way?

By - September 25, 2022

Rhonda Scharf explains the trend of “quiet quitting” and discusses the alternative
Health & Wellbeing
Issue: July / August 2020

Setting Boundaries When Working from Home

By - July 25, 2020

Abigail Barnes gives her top tips for setting boundaries and avoiding burnout when working from home
Issue: January / February 2019

Friends at Work

By - January 25, 2019

Would you benefit from putting boundaries around your relationships with work friends? asks Rhonda Scharf
Health & Wellbeing
Issue: September / October 2017

The Fine Art of Detachment

By - September 25, 2017

To continue enjoying our jobs and our careers, it is very important to detach from them periodically explains Marsha Egan
Personal Development
Issue: September / October 2012

Bosses need boundaries

By - September 25, 2012

Adam Fidler discusses how PAs should set boundaries with their bosses in terms of their working hours, the expectation for them to be checking their e-mails out of hours and their availability when out of the office or on annual leave. One downside of the PA role, if I can use the word ‘downside’, is... Read more »