Carole Spiers
Carole Spiers FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE is the Chair of the International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) and founder of International Stress Awareness Week. She is an acknowledged authority on corporate stress and CEO of the Carole Spiers Group (London), an International Stress Management & Employee Wellbeing Consultancy. Carole is also a BBC guest broadcaster and author of Show Stress Who’s Boss! and Tolley’s Managing Stress in the Workplace. Carole will be pleased to help if you are interested in learning about tools and strategies that help teams to reduce stress, build resilience and improve health and wellbeing. Carole is also part of our Speaker Bureau. If you are interested in Carole training your Assistants or speaking at your event, either virtually or in person, please visit

Articles by Carole Spiers:

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