Career Development
Issue: June / July 2024

Are You an Intrapreneur? You Could Be Priceless to the Right Business

By - May 25, 2024

Nurturing intrapreneurial behaviour leads to development, growth, and improvement in organisations, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: April / May 2024

14 Tips on How to Increase Your Influence

By - March 25, 2024

Ensure seamless operations and optimal functioning of the business by developing your influence, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: February / March 2024

Why Is No One Talking About Ageism in the Workplace?

By - January 25, 2024

With retirement age increasing, many businesses are missing opportunities to get the best out of their generational workforce, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: December 2023 / January 2024

The Future of Meetings

By - November 25, 2023

Thom Dennis shares his top tips on how to avoid excessive meetings and ensure that the meetings you do have are the best they can be   
Leadership Technology
Issue: August / September 2023

The Pros and Cons of AI and How We Must Stay Human

By - July 25, 2023

Leaders need to prioritise developing empathy, compassion and purpose, explains Thom Dennis
Personal Development
Issue: June / July 2023

IQ vs CQ vs EQ – Which Is Most Important?

By - May 25, 2023

CQ is becoming increasingly recognised as crucial for success as businesses and their teams become more global, says Thom Dennis
Health & Wellbeing
Issue: February / March 2023

Is Bullying on the Rise?

By - January 25, 2023

Calculating the extent of bullying in an organisation is still very challenging, says Thom Dennis
Health & Wellbeing
Issue: December 2022 / January 2023

Is Mental Health the Next Pandemic?

By - November 25, 2022

An increasing number of leaders are realizing that a strong sense of empathy helps in tackling the mental health crisis at work, says Thom Dennis
Personal Development
Issue: October / November 2022

Is Passive Aggression the Perfect Office Crime?

By - September 25, 2022

Passive aggression is a way to exert control and is also a form of bullying, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: August/September 2022

Who Exactly is in Charge of Creating an Organisation’s Purpose?

By - July 25, 2022

Purpose is about co-creation, not leadership vision and followership, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: April / May 2022

What Is Keeping the C-Suite Awake at Night?

By - March 25, 2022

The C-Suite has had to be agile and continues to make difficult decisions, explains Thom Dennis
Issue: January / February 2021

We Have Always Worn Masks

By - January 25, 2021

Thom Dennis explains why we have always worn masks and how COVID-19 has further shaped them