Office Politics – Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

By - September 25, 2015

It’s all about perfecting your politicking, says Teri Wells There is a negative connotation surrounding “Office Politics” but the reality is that politics can be “good” or “bad” and office politics exists in every organisation. The offices where we think it does not exist just have a greater percentage of “good”. What is office politics?... Read more »
Business Strategy & Acumen

Plan for a Planned Absence From Work

By - July 25, 2015

Going away? Don’t forget what you’re leaving behind says Teri Wells
Personal Development

You Have Choices, Choose Wisely

By - May 25, 2015

What do you have the power to change? asks Teri Wells Several PAs have spoken to me about people, circumstances, issues and situations that they don’t like, are not comfortable with, wish were different, wish they could change, that cause stress or add to it. And my answer is always the same: “If it is... Read more »