Issue: August / September 2023

Should Executive Assistants Be Considered Executives?

By - July 25, 2023

There is no other position within an executive office that has one person who is the go-to for a broad variety of detailed assignments, says Kristine Valenzuela
Career Development
Issue: June / July 2023

Reverse Mentoring

By - May 25, 2023

Reverse mentoring can be a powerful tool for both mentor and mentee, explains Dr Lynda Shaw
Issue: December 2022 / January 2023

Finding the Right Type of Guidance

By - November 25, 2022

Determining which way to go is not a neat and tidy road, says Kemetia Foley
Issue: January / February 2020

Are You Being the Mentor Your Executive Needs?

By - January 25, 2020

Dinah Liversidge explains how to mentor your Executive by becoming a trusted and credible ally
Issue: May / June 2019

Becoming a Mentor

By - May 24, 2019

Are you ready to take on this valuable role? asks Arini Vlotman
Career Development
Issue: November / December 2018

Seek Mentors

By - November 26, 2018

Regardless of your administrative title, industry or organization size, you need to find a good mentor explains Joan Burge
Issue: May / June 2018

Why do Admins have such a Tough Time Delegating?

By - May 25, 2018

Think of delegation as mentorship says Christy Crump, and empower another to grow and develop
Career Development
Issue: January / February 2016

Setting up a Corporate Mentoring Program

By - January 25, 2016

Mentors and mentees both have something to gain, says Marie Herman Most companies would like to have an educated, well-trained workforce, but they may not have the budget to provide more than a few days of periodic training to their staff. How then can they develop their workforce and groom employees to take on additional... Read more »
Personal Development
Issue: January / February 2015

The Case for Coaching… Your Questions Answered

By - January 25, 2015

Lindsay Taylor explains some common misconceptions about coaching What is Coaching? Coaching is a term used for a Programme of one-to-one sessions that enable you to gain greater awareness and an understanding of how to accelerate and achieve your full potential. According to the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), Coaching is a “skilled... Read more »
Issue: March / April 2014

Mentoring, Observation, Memory and Excellence

By - March 25, 2014

“Phyllis had a good problem. One of her team members (Martin) possessed the potential to be a high-level producer and a future leader. Phyllis wanted to see Martin grow and develop as a professional. She coached him when she had the chance, but he was more of a self-learner. He liked discovering things on his... Read more »
Personal Development
Issue: May / June 2012

How to ‘Hire’ the Right Mentor

By - May 25, 2012

Taking a recruitment perspective to finding the right mentor is often the best way to finding the right ‘match’.   For many people considering the essential ingredients to a successful career, having a mentor isn’t high on the list. Reasons range from being intimidated by the prospect of identifying and approaching someone of influence, to... Read more »