Issue: May / June 2014

The 10 Most Hideous Things a Hotel Can Do To Us

By - May 25, 2014

Female business travellers are on the increase and the good news is, in the main, there are plenty of great city hotels for us to choose from. So why is it that so many still don’t have the foggiest about how to win our loyalty? Here are just some of the hideous things that hotels... Read more »
Issue: May / June 2011

Travel Management – Sourcing an Efficient Hotel Programme

By - May 25, 2011

Some corporations work closely with their travel management company or hotel booking agent to procure their hotel programme while others manage it in-house, in this article I aim to share some tips for you to efficiently source negotiated hotel room rates and amenities for your travellers, but firstly let’s take a look at what is... Read more »
Project Management
Issue: March / April 2011

Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation

By - March 25, 2011

Anthony Coyle-Dowling explains how to get the best out of negotiating for meetings or hotel space