Meeting tools: calendar and clock with exclamation mark
Issue: October / November 2021

Schedules, Meetings and To-Do Lists

By - September 25, 2021

Michelle Bowditch introduces her favourite meeting tools that can help you plan, organise, and track
Cover Story Technology
Issue: January / February 2021

10 Time-saving Tips to Boost Google Workspace Productivity

By - January 25, 2021

Melissa Esquibel shares her top tips to save you time and boost your productivity in your Google workspace
Issue: September / October 2018

Microsoft vs. Google: Office Productivity Suites

By - September 25, 2018

Melissa Esquibel details the pros and cons of both Microsoft and Google
Issue: March / April 2017

Become a Google Guru

By - March 24, 2017

Many people think of Google as a generic search engine, but it is actually a collection of sites explains Marie Herman
Issue: July / August 2013

Where Are YOU on Google?

By - July 23, 2013