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Processes & Procedures
Issue: February / March 2023

Spotting the Signs of Dishonesty on a CV

By - January 25, 2023

Anna Bithrey suggests practical ways that employers can screen applicants and mitigate the risks to business
Career Development
Issue: April / May 2021

How to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers

By - March 23, 2021

Marie Herman explains how to ensure that your resume rises to the top of the pile and gets noticed by employers
Career Development
Issue: September / October 2020

Top Tips to Elevate Your CV

By - September 25, 2020

Elevate your CV and show off your strategic skills say Sarah Howson and Marianne Whitlock
Career Development
Issue: November / December 2018

Dispelling the One-Page Resume Myth

By - November 26, 2018

Do You Believe the One-Page Resume Myth? Asks Brenda Bernstein
Career Development
Issue: September / October 2017

8 Ways to Prepare for a Job Loss While You Are Still Employed

By - September 25, 2017

The best “revenge” for being terminated in a job is landing a fabulous new job with better pay and perks says Marie Herman
Issue: July / August 2017

Making an Impresssion in Half a Second

By - July 27, 2017

Will qualifications or qualities give you the wow factor? asks Claire Lister
Career Development
Issue: July / August 2011

3 Reasons Not To Copy Your CV Summary

By - July 25, 2011

Many people on LinkedIn make the mistake of copying their resume summary statements into their LinkedIn Summary section.   There are three major problems with this strategy: 1. Trite Phrases Often your CV summary is laden with overused phrases like ‘results-oriented team player with a proven track record’ or ‘dynamic, motivated self-starter with extensive experience’.... Read more »
Career Development
Issue: May / June 2011

Ten Strategies for Handling the Stay-at-Home Parent Resume Gap

By - May 25, 2011

Whether you’ve taken two years – or ten years – away from the traditional work force to raise your kids, you face the issue of how to handle this gap on your resume. Here are ten strategies for handling a stay-at-home parent gap on your resume   Whether you’ve taken two years – or ten... Read more »