Issue: March / April 2020

The Case for Critical Thinking

By - March 25, 2020

Sandy Geroux details her top five tips for critical thinking and effective communication
Career Development
Issue: March / April 2018

For Argument’s Sake – Why playing devil’s advocate could help your career

By - March 25, 2018

Acting as the challenger demonstrates that you have the company’s best interests at heart explains Claire Lister
Issue: November / December 2013

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

By - November 25, 2013

Lindsay Taylor explains how to work quickly and efficiently without getting tongue tied As a busy Assistant having to “think on your feet” is part and parcel of your role – you need to work quickly and efficiently without getting tongue-tied – in order to foster credibility and respect in your workplace. So, how do... Read more »
Issue: July / August 2013

Perceptual Positions

By - July 23, 2013

Changing the way you see things can make all the difference says Lindsay Taylor