Issue: April / May 2024

Organizational Change: Learning Matters

By - March 25, 2024

Imagine the impact you could have when supporting your leaders and teams to experience change well, says Aliina Rowe
Issue: August/September 2022

Organizational Change: Mindset Matters

By - July 25, 2022

Aliina Rowe explains the importance of shifting your mindset when going through organizational change
Issue: April / May 2022

Organizational Change: Start SMALL for a Big Impact

By - March 25, 2022

The Global Skills Matrix places assistants firmly in the role of catalysts for successful organizational change, explains Aliina Rowe
Digital butterflies: Assistants as change agents
Career Development Cover Story
Issue: December 2021 / January 2022

The Big Opportunity: Assistants as Change Agents

By - November 25, 2021

Executive support professionals can step up and play a critical role in any transformation process, explain Julia Schmidt and Evon Wood
managing expectations on projects
Project Management
Issue: June / July 2021

Managing Expectations on Projects

By - May 25, 2021

Marie Herman shares her top tips for managing expectations on projects to ensure success
Issue: April / May 2021

Managing Your Executive Through Change

By - March 23, 2021

Gregg Brown explains four techniques you can use when managing your executive through change
Career Development
Issue: March / April 2019

How to Handle Change in the Workplace

By - March 25, 2019

As Claire Lister gets ready to depart Pitman Training, she shares her top tips on handling change in the workplace
Personal Development
Issue: November / December 2016

Resilience – not just for Super-Humans

By - November 25, 2016

Dinah Liversidge explains how we are all capable of resilience provided we set ourselves up to succeed
Personal Development
Issue: January / February 2015

Resilience: A Must-Have Skill

By - January 25, 2015

Joan Burge looks at what it means to be a resilient Assistant.