Jay Niblick and Allan Miller

Jay Niblick is the Founder and CEO of Innermetrix Incorporated, a professional consulting and technology firm with offices on five continents specializing in helping professional business consultants and coaches build and grow a profitable consulting practice (www.innermetrix.com). He holds multiple technology patents, trademarks and copyrights on diagnostic instruments and consultative methodologies relating to identifying and maximizing human talent, and is the bestselling author of the Attribute Index diagnostic profile (over 600,000 copies sold worldwide), and What's Your Genius - How the Best Think for Success (foreword by Anthony Robbins). He has been a paid keynote speaker and lecturer to organizations around the world Prior to consulting, Jay served in the Special Operations communities of the US Navy and US Marines during Desert Storm. He resides in Greater Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA with his wife and three sons. He can be reached at jayn@innermetrix.com. Allan Miller is the Managing Director of Innermetrix Europe and UAE as well as owner/founder of IMX UK Professional Consulting/Coaching and Training Company. Allan is also a Board member of the Hartman Institute Europe (Germany) and resides in UK Scotland with his wife and son. He can be reached at allan@innermetrix.co.uk.