Daniela Fasano and Carla Stefanut

DANIELA FASANO lives and works in Italy and is the Executive Manager Assistant at Robert Bosch S.p.A. (Bosch Italia), supporting Executives in their daily activities with great proactivity, commitment and passion. For over 15 years Daniela has been part of the Secretary.it community, strongly supporting its mission to enhance the strategic role of Assistants in business organizations. In 2013 Daniela received the “Assistant of the Year” award for her topic The Manager Assistant’s Reputation and has been an International Ambassador for the community since 2016. In April 2020 Daniela was named one of the top 50 assistants in the country by the Italian magazine Capital. CARLA V. STEFANUT is the Senior Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Fondazione Fiera Milano. She is celebrating 30 years as an Assistant and can proudly say that she is a passionate advocate of the profession. Carla is a member of the Italian community of EAs, Secretary.it. She has taken on the position of Ambassador to raise awareness of the fundamental role Assistants play within organizations and companies. Carla’s nickname is “Ms. Socialize”, as networking and connecting people come easily to her. Her personal motto is “learn from the best”.

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