Career Development
Issue: March / April 2018

For Argument’s Sake – Why playing devil’s advocate could help your career

By - March 25, 2018

Acting as the challenger demonstrates that you have the company’s best interests at heart explains Claire Lister
Issue: September / October 2017

Cracking that Hard Exterior

By - September 25, 2017

Improving your complex soft skills can help you navigate difficult or challenging situations explains Claire Lister
Personal Development
Issue: March / April 2016

Say it Loud, Say it Proud

By - March 25, 2016

Let’s banish the self-doubt and share our achievements with pride   This month, with the launch of our 2016 SuperAchievers Awards and looking over the results of a survey we ran around modesty in the UK workforce, I started thinking about what it is that stops people being more vocal and outwardly proud of their... Read more »