Thom Dennis and Gamal G Turawa
THOM DENNIS is the CEO of Serenity in Leadership. With an MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, skills as an NLP Master Practitioner, 17 years’ experience as an officer in the Royal Marines and having extensively travelled around the world, Thom brings all his experience together as a facilitator, speaker, consultant, educator and change agent. For the last 29 years, Thom’s career has been dedicated to facilitating change through organisational change. He is passionate about resolving the breadth of issues around inclusion and strives to make changes against oppression in and out of the workplace. GAMAL TURAWA, or G as he prefers to be called, is a highly skilled and internationally acclaimed Gestalt facilitator and public speaker on diversity and inclusion. He has been regularly interviewed on the BBC, ITV and other national media and has delivered workshops and keynotes around the world. For 26 years he was a serving police officer in the Metropolitan Police and was on the frontline for delivery of workshops to the police following the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence. He was also a lecturer on the Home Office Turvey project on Diversity and Inclusion.

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