Louise Lloyd

Louise Lloyd is a former professional event rider, during which time she developed an interest in her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance as a way of being the best that she could be. Through exploring this interest she woke up to the fact that life was about far more than the narrow-minded way she was currently living. Louise retired from competing around 2001 and continued to develop her knowledge around wellbeing, teaching yoga and meditation as well as working with people's energy helping them find their own path to inner balance. Throughout this time she has learned that the biggest influence on our wellbeing is the relationship we have with ourself and how that creates the relationship we have with others and the world at large. She is passionate about helping others to do the same and is delighted to be working with Lindsay Taylor of Your Excellency. Their one-day workshop "Managing your Time, Energy, Focus & Wellbeing" will be launched in early 2014 in London, www.yourexcellency.co.uk.

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