Eliana Torretta and Vania Alessi

As Marketing and Communications Manager for a multinational insurance company, Eliana Torretta is proud to prove the power of cross-training and networking. Classical studies and a degree in modern foreign languages and literatures - combined with her natural relational and organization skills - led her to start her career as an Executive Assistant in the international exhibitions and conferences industry, dealing with event organization and promotion, marketing and advertising, media relations, international relationships. Eliana has always considered the variegated role of assistants as a great opportunity to diversify working activities and develop new skills. She also strongly believes in lifelong learning. Vania Alessi speaks four languages and graduated in Economics and Commerce. In 2001, after 13 years as a Project Management Assistant in which she managed numerous projects and events, she decided to make her own contribution and experience in Secretary.it. Vania loves dealing with communication and PR, studying projects and activities, always putting the needs of Manager Assistants at the center ... because they deserve it!

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