Singing in a choir is an excellent way to develop and strengthen our soft skills say Eliana Torretta and Vania Alessi

At the 9th Secretary Day annual meeting, Daniela Fasano presented a talk showcasing the benefits of being part of a choir.  The video used to accompany the talk featured Helen Rees and the Executive Secretary LIVE choir in London, UK.

Dolores Cristescu, a nominee for the Assistant of the Year title, is fond of singing and her secret desire is to found a choir.  Magic is in the air… Dolores becomes Assistant of the Year and whispers her desire to Daniela. Daniela and Dolores easily recruit assistants from the community who wish to be pioneers of the project and the Assistants’ Choir in Italy begins its adventure!

Goals and Achievements


The first goal of our choir was to create an official Assistants’ Hymn. In a great example of collaboration, the music was written by Dolores Cristescu, and the lyrics co-written by Dolores, Sara Poggiani and Irene Cutrona. The hymn is a type of march, detailing the role and activities of assistants.  The lyrics are:

Wake up assistants, it’s a new day!

Even if it’s Monday we are not scared

While warming up our superpowers

We’ll use our magic and resoluteness


We are wizards of priority

Transforming obstacles into opportunities

And getting great satisfaction indeed

Three overlapping meetings to organize

We spread lovely smiles and great care

Passion and enthusiasm are our guides

From behind the scenes success we guarantee!

(repeat chorus)

Meetings and events we are asked to plan

With a little budget what challenges to face!

The videoconference system doesn’t work

We turn into IT to turn it on!

(repeat chorus)

Miracles and wonders for the entire week

Ready for the weekend when the phone rings

We’ll change some flights and feel to be

Ready for a new Monday to begin!

(repeat chorus)

The hymn is launched at the Secretary Day 2018 in Milan.  The audience responds enthusiastically, and the performance receives a standing ovation from hundreds of assistants. You can see videos on our website


Inspired by the Executive Secretary LIVE choir, we decide to cover the song “Something Inside So Strong”.  This performance also celebrates a huge achievement by the Italian assistant community: the sponsorship of an assistant with Isipho Admin.  We also perform another song “Insiemewritten by Irene and inspired by a poem by Federica Papotti (another assistant from the community), and the real life of Shahad al-Mohaimeed, depicting the situation of women in Saudi Arabia.

Why sing in a choir?

Singing in a choir is an excellent way to develop and strengthen our soft skills:

  • relationship skills: sharing, giving and receiving
  • interaction skills: adapting your voice in relation to the others so that they mix
  • listening skills: listening to yourself and to others
  • communication skills: expressing your opinions and respecting other people’s opinions
  • teamwork: thinking and acting together to achieve our goals, not as individual “selves”.

What about wellness?

Singing in a choir releases energy and creates synergy, it enhances mental balance and wellness in general. It is like meditating, praying, walking, dancing, or any other activity which gives you the opportunity of destressing and increasing your resources.

What are you waiting for?

The recruitment campaign is open! As we say in Italy #secretarypower is in the air, let’s make our voices heard, let’s sing all together.

Maybe one day we will meet in a worldwide performance of assistants’ choirs!

As Marketing and Communications Manager for a multinational insurance company, Eliana Torretta is proud to prove the power of cross-training and networking. Classical studies and a degree in modern foreign languages and literatures - combined with her ... (Read More)

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