Issue: May / June 2016

Get Your Message Across And Get Great Results From Your Writing

By - May 25, 2016

My love for rearranging and rewriting words and restructuring messages flickered to life as I was working as a secretary, explains Shirley Taylor
Issue: March / April 2016

Boost Your Business Writing With Plain English

By - March 25, 2016

Using plain English will help you and your readers, explains Shirley Taylor
Business Strategy & Acumen Communication
Issue: January / February 2016

The Changing Language Of Business

By - January 25, 2016

Complicated, formal and flowery language is a thing of the past, says Shirley Taylor
Issue: July / August 2015

Good Writing Is Everyone’s Business

By - July 25, 2015

A good piece of writing could make the difference between building a relationship or breaking one, explains Shirley Taylor
Issue: March / April 2015

Subject Line, not Surprise Line

By - March 25, 2015

Shirley Taylor explains how to create better email subject lines that get your emails opened
Issue: January / February 2014

PROFILE – Shirley Taylor

By - January 25, 2014

Originally from Sheffield, England but now one of the top trainers in Asia, Shirley Taylor explains how she made the move to become nothing short of an dministrative Professional rock star in the region.