Kevin Waters
Kevin began his event management company in 1992, in what can only be described as humble circumstances. Armed with a telephone, a one-line typewriter and a gut full of determination he built one of London’s top event management companies. At that time the internet was restricted to a few academics, he had no knowledge of the event industry, no contacts, no client base, no money and no experience organising anything more than a night out with the lads. His story is littered with anecdotes of event failures and successes, stories of shady ticket touts and shadier City clients. Overcoming the odds he forged an organisation that still trades to this day. Kevin has an easy way with people and audiences alike, his message, “How to Make Killer Events without the Corpses” is brimming with up-to-date advice and tips as well as signposting the minefields to avoid. He tours the UK throughout the year providing half-day courses in event management. Kevin will be speaking at Office* Show in London this October. For full details see

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