Jennifer Chamberlin Suzanne Ekpenyong

Jennifer Chamberlin has worked as a bilingual PA/EA for a wide range of companies in and around Paris for 15 years and obtained her BTS Assistant de Manager (equivalent to an HND secretarial diploma) last November through the French VAE system. After being made redundant in 2016, she decided to launch My Bilingual VA, a French / English VA business offering a wide range of support services in general administration, communication, HR and translation to sole traders, owners of businesses of all sizes and individuals. Jennifer loves her new business venture, helping her clients save time and focus on growing their business. Suzanne Ekpenyong founded Bilingual Solutions in 2015, providing international SMEs and individuals with a range of Virtual Executive Support and International Communication services. Before starting her own business, Suzanne worked in England and France as an Executive Personal Assistant; as a Press and Public Relations Officer, as a Translator and Tutor. This wealth of experience inspired her to create Bilingual Solutions. Now based in London, she uses organisational and multi-lingual skills to provide solutions for clients, such as administrative assistance, schedule management, translation and language coaching. Her objective is to provide a reliable, expert, international support service, thereby helping clients to achieve and maintain success on a global scale.

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