“Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you will land amongst the stars” Les Brown

What’s the point!

For some, particularly if they have reached an impasse or are feeling blocked in their progression in life whenever they come up with a new idea a little (or actually quite big) voice pipes up in their head and says “what’s the point?”. What’s the point of trying that – the competition is too big? What’s the point of being ambitious, no one will want what you have to offer? What’s the point of even looking at it, you know you won’t do it anyway?”

Now that negative voice is just a part of us that is trying to keep us safe. It does not like change and change can be challenging or even dangerous. It might jeopardise our future. But something inside is wanting to expand, is wanting the new challenge. A natural ambition inside is wanting expression. The key is to acknowledge the “what’s the point” voice and then find evidence in your life that there is a point. You could be happier following this dream. You are ready for the promotion, to go work in a bigger field, change your life, to step up to the next level. Whatever your ambition is there is always greater evidence as to why you should shoot for the moon – it is a matter of changing your focus. Write out a list of your evidence and add it to and read it regularly.

Bigger and better strategies

When you decide to shoot for the moon you suddenly open up a whole box of new ideas of how. Where do they come from? Have you ever noticed in the past when you have decided 100% to go for something then all the solutions begin to flood in. Sometimes from you, you just get an inspired idea. Other times from people around you or even just something you read? This happens for a few reasons – the mind hates confusion and so will search around for answers either from within or outside. Once you commit you have unconsciously instructed your mind to find solutions – and it is like turning on a search light. The upshot from all these ideas is that you start to think bigger. And so your strategies, the “how” you intend to get to your goal grow too. The bigger the strategies the more likely you are to land amongst the stars.

Think on this – if I want to open my patio door I’d have to get up, turn right and walk three paces, reach out and open the door. But if I wanted to change the light bulb in the ceiling I’d have to get up, walk to the hall cupboard, find a light bulb, get the step ladder, carry it back to the room, put it up, get up the step ladder, take out the old bulb, put in a new one, get down the step ladder and try the light and, if it works, put the ladder away. Phew! Now, using the strategy to open the patio door would not get the light bulb changed. It is too small a strategy because opening the patio door is a “small” goal. Same with your life goals. The bigger you allow yourself to think and commit to, the greater your strategy and that is one of the keys to success.

Preparing your mind for big things

When you think about your life and what you want you can only achieve as big as you think. Your mind has a huge capacity but you need to stretch it. It is like a muscle and when you shoot for the moon you are giving your mind something big to think about, to fantasize about, something to visualise. When JFK said that America was going to walk on the moon within 10 years no one had any idea how. But that single commitment got everyone’s mind working overtime and they did it. Expand your capacity for the impossible and it becomes possible.

So wherever you are in your life think about where you can shoot for the moon. Open yourself to the excitement of seeing where the journey takes you.”

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