An internal admin network can build strong relationships and provide greater opportunities within your organisation explains Chi Chi Okezie

Networking with co-workers and colleagues gives us the opportunity to not only build relationships but gain knowledge, improve our skills and promote our personal brand.

An excellent way to improve these interactions is to launch an internal admin network within your company.  I refer to this as “Double Duty Networking”.  It fulfills two purposes: being engaged in the workplace and building your network for success.

Benefits of an Internal Admin Network

1. Promotes inclusivity among co-workers and various departments.

2. Increases employee engagement.

3. Expands communication and relationship development.

4. Provides opportunities for learning, mentorship and leadership.

5. Creates a platform for recognition and various incentives.

Laying the Foundation

In order to have a stable, credible, and viable internal admin network, it is necessary to lay the proper foundation.

1. Connect with like-minded co-workers

  • Share a general plan for the proposed network and meet periodically in person or virtually to brainstorm ideas.
  • What is the purpose of the network? Create a mission or objectives.
  • Set strategic goals.
  • How will the formation of the network impact the department and company? Will it improve the work culture, environment, morale?
  • Detail the benefits of having the network (ie. social, business, financial).
  • Benchmark case studies of successful internal networks (within or outside of your industry).
  • Identify key players involved in supporting, marketing, sponsoring and sustaining the initiative.
  • Draft a preliminary survey to gain interest, feedback and comments on the initiative for the proposed network

2.  Create a Presentation

Once the data and information are successfully collected, create a presentation.  Develop a visual presentation that illustrates how the internal admin network is organized, how the committee(s) / sub-committee(s) are set up, who will be leading the meetings and events, how frequently events will occur.

Many of these procedures can be gathered from the research obtained from the case studies and survey results. Use this as an opportunity to be creative in your presentation by incorporating additional apps, software and other logistics for the meeting.

View your internal admin network proposition as a business plan or case.  Include a budget, marketing and promotions, as well as an executive summary.

3. Hold a Meeting

Pick an appropriate day and time to conduct the meeting.  Invite interested parties, stakeholders, sponsors, your executive, etc.  Write up an agenda ahead of time and make sure that the duration of the meeting is just right (ie. not too short or too long and flows with the regular work-day schedule).  If applicable, make arrangements to have the meeting recorded audio and visually.  The segment can be archived as well as forwarded to individuals who are not able to attend.

4. Do Your Due Diligence

Follow up in a timely manner. Gain insightful feedback from the attendees via a survey or email.  Brainstorm with your group, review the information and present it to the sponsors, supporters and your director.

The Launch

Set an official launch date for the internal admin network.  Choose a time of the year which celebrates admins, does not fall on a major holiday or precedes a bigger internal program or event.

Once everything is in place and the launch occurs, continue to build on that momentum.  Promote and bring awareness to the launch event by sharing pictures, getting testimonials and having a visual recording, if applicable.

Offer a survey after the launch event to gain additional insight for improving processes and enhancing the overall experience.  Share ways that co-workers and associates can get involved or increase their engagement within the new internal admin network.

Chi Chi Okezie is the owner and producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, a consulting firm based in Metro Atlanta, GA, USA which specializes in business networking, diversity and inclusion. Her company was granted a Proclamation for Business Networking Day by ... (Read More)

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