At a dinner party the other evening, we were debating whether we were born lucky or was it that we make our own luck. My own sense is that we can create our own good fortune by taking control of our own life and being aware and receptive to opportunities that come our way, at various times. It is also about recognising that there is far more going “for” us than “against” us. By recognising chances that are “for” you and acting upon the options that are presented, you’ll be able to achieve many of your aspirations.


Even those individuals who are sceptical, have every opportunity to create their own luck. Being ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves is up to every one of us. Whatever our age or situation in life, it is never too late to exercise control by identifying choices and then choosing those that will benefit us. Of course, sometimes we may make the wrong choice but we can rectify that by then making another!


However, I do agree that some people have greater challenges in their personal lives to overcome than others. Nevertheless, it is possible to make your own luck when you learn to look at adversity as a source of opportunity. That may sound like an oxymoron but, in fact, is true.


Entrepreneurs, for instance, are those who see possibilities that others miss. But they also recognise that their life script is not carved in stone and that one failure doesn’t necessarily preclude future success. As a result of this, they are much more likely to achieve their life’s goals. Successful entrepreneurs rarely talk about their previous failures, only their successes. Think about it!


Luck and personality

Are you an “open” or “closed” personality? Will you go into a coffee shop and start a conversation with someone in order to exchange news, ideas and thoughts or are you a “closed” personality who invariably sits alone? When a meeting or conversation leads to a new business opportunity, or a new friend, was it just a lucky encounter or was it the desire to inquire? Could it just be the law of attraction where energy attracts energy?


So do you attract opportunities or discourage them? Do you sit and smile or do you sit and frown? Would you want to be with you? Are you friendly and outgoing so that others want to talk to you or do you have a red light above your head that says “keep away!”? It is all about making things happen; using intuition, being receptive, seeking opportunities, attracting luck and keeping your eyes and mind open. Being open to enjoying the experience of learning something new and drawing in enrichment.


There is a world of new possibilities that we come across each day but you have to keep your mind positive in order to catch them, or they will just fly above you like an Emirates A380. It is also a fact that you will absorb more visual and verbal information when you are in a good mood than when your disposition is bad. Anxiety and stress restricts your vision and impairs your mental acuity and you can, thereby, miss opportunities that surround you.


There are many factors that determine our success in life but one of the primary ones is the ability to communicate well, preferably in writing as well as verbally. Good communication opens doors and presents opportunities. Poor communication skills mean you never get to open the door to even see the opportunity on the other side! Which way you go will determine whether your life is full of regrets and sadness about paths not taken or alternatively whether you could be one of those people whose life seems to others to be full of fortuitous circumstances – or as others say, “luck”.


The debate continues but my money goes on carpe diem (seize the day) and if things don’t work out, then take on board the learning that comes with it and move on! Remember that when life delivers a negative moment there is usually a positive lesson hidden inside.


So, are you just lucky or do you make your own luck? What do you think?


Key points

  • There is no such thing as luck, only opportunity.
  • Do you have a red or green light above your head?
  • If there is one ability you need, it’s communication.
Carole Spiers FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE is a leading international Business Stress Consultant and currently serves as the Chair of the International Stress Management Association UK (ISMAUK). On their behalf, she founded Stress Awareness Day ... (Read More)

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