Leverage your “Midas touch” to expand your networks, brand and reach, explains Chi Chi Okezie

The term “Midas touch” refers to the mythological Greek king, Midas: everything he touched turned to gold. Although this is a mythical story, it holds a principle which can be used in our professional, business and academic lives: the ability to make everything that you are involved with very successful.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a “Midas touch” when it comes to connecting with others?
  • Is there a unique trait or characteristic that makes me a superstar?
  • Do I have a method, style or system for effective business networking?

In many instances, you may have overlooked your small wins or compliments without realizing the value you bring to the proverbial table. In a fast-paced business environment, it is easy to fail to observe these rewarding professional aspects. There was a time or two when you outperformed, overdelivered or exceeded expectations. Whether it was by chance or careful planning, you had a strong and memorable impact, and you created a platform for awareness, opportunities and access to resources. Did you notice that you had influenced or inspired others? Were you able to keep that momentum going and build on your success?

Here are some tips and suggestions for leveraging your “Midas touch” to expand your networks, brand and reach.

1. Know Your Superpower

Brainstorm, journal and consider the successes in your business, career and academics.

  • What are the commonalities?
  • What similar instances and situations led to your fantastic results?
  • Can you trace this back to a specific skill or ability?

Discovering one particular trait or talent can bring clarity to this entire exercise. Although you may have several skills, focus on one. This allows you to concentrate on how you can expand, develop and advance.

2. Use Your Superpower

Now that you have identified your superpower, use it to the best of your ability. Think of ways in which you can integrate it into your daily activities, work practices, conversations and business interactions. Be intentional about branding yourself with this characteristic so that you accurately personify the trait. Spotlight your skill in your resume, profiles, bio, elevator pitch and other material. Here are some questions to move you along the journey:

  • Do others know about my distinct characteristic?
  • Do others reach out to me when they need specific help?
  • Am I recognized in my business or organization as an expert in that trait?
  • Is there a platform for me to consistently utilize this skill or ability?

3. Quantify Your Superpower

This is the missing link to the whole process of establishing your “Midas touch.” To be effective with others, you need to quantify your trait. In other words, measure the success of using your skill and ability. For example, how many projects were successfully completed by implementing this trait? How many new connections were made in your network because of your efforts? How many times have you been the top or lead? Numbers are powerful forms of data that direct and motivate our goals. They also offer insight into our behaviors and allow us to further adjust and/or correct them.

Use these practical tips to properly connect with others and enhance your network. Be specific with your skill or ability. Use your skill consistently to strengthen your worth and value proposition. Add value to it by quantifying your results. It can make a positive and noteworthy impact with others. Understanding and properly using your “Midas touch” can dramatically improve your networking, relationship building and influence.

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