Bring your best self to the workplace says Mercy Kufakunesu

When the alarm rings to wake you up to go to your usual workplace your reaction is not the same as when it rang on your first day at work. The difference is that our first day at work is mixed with excitement and uncertainty.  But an assistant, who has been at the workplace for some time, might not have the same excitement.  He or she might have mixed feelings; some sigh or dread the new workday because of the constant challenges they face at work.  This means you do not show up, thereby not revealing your best self.

So, how can you show up at work?

Take ownership of your vision

Most of us meet at the workplace, but no-one clearly knows what the other wants to accomplish in life.  Never live in hope that others will realize your dream and help you accomplish it. People will never understand your vision as it is beyond them.  Take ownership of your vision.  Vision is on the inside; people only look at the outside and judge you based on how others are doing.  They can only help if you let out what is in inside by bringing your vision to life.

Motivate yourself to success

A lot is accomplished through self-motivation.  A person who is his or her own cheerleader is set for success.  Since we understand ourselves better, we are our best motivators.  You can’t motivate yourself if you are at cross-purposes with yourself.  Advocate for yourself before other people bring in their confirmations.  Always cautioning yourself by asking “what if” questions will only leave you mentally paralyzed.  Jump into the day with purpose; get yourself motivated to venture in that purpose.  This will enable you to show up.

Be your own representative

We all need representation at work in one way or the other.  However, representation starts with self.  Self-representation starts with the knowledge of where you are going and what you have accomplished to date.   People at the workplace can assume a lot about you and can never represent you like how you would want it done.  Lack of proper representation can lead to discouragement on your part. Present yourself in a natural conversational way, tailor-made to suit specific situations.  The ability to represent yourself distinguishes you. Waiting in hope for your executive to negotiate your interest every time at the office only leaves you with unfulfilled wishes.

Rely more on yourself

As much as we can draw energy from relying on other people, we need to rely on ourselves.  The less we rely on other people, the greater the chances of achieving of our goals.  We can get compliments from our executives, but we should not rely on them.  Self-reliance brings self-confidence.  Your executive is not responsible for your joy at work.  Some goals can be achieved without your executive’s influence.  How can you show up at work if you feel needy? Do not act as if someone owes you something, you own your self-reliance.

Never settle for less

When you continuously face unfamiliar circumstances and uncommon challenges at work, it can lead to frustration, feeling angry with everyone and being a serial complainer.  Amid unfamiliar circumstances and uncommon challenges, you must exhibit resilience. Tune in to receiving more by changing your focus to that of a victor and not a victim.  You can’t see defeat and have victory.  Surround yourself with thoughts that bring out the greatness in you.  Settling for less is cowardice, show up!

Be optimistic

Pessimistic people expect the worst possible situations at work.  Their minds are always distracted as their attention always concentrates on the negative.  Pessimism is usually experienced by people who seem to meet more unfamiliar circumstances than others.  Unfamiliar circumstances (the landscape) will always be there but it is how you face them that is crucial (the landing).  If all things were familiar, then there would be no need for change.  Focus on clues and not complaints.  Do not become a victim of unfamiliar circumstances, instead be exemplary by being the way and the change you want to see.  Be unconventional, show up at work.

Show up against all odds.  Encourage yourself to be your best self. It begins with you.

Mercy Kufakunesu is a secretary for foreign missions at ZAOGA FIFMI Headquarters, Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a graduate of Chinhoyi University of Technology with an honours in Office Administration and Technology. She is currently doing a Masters in ... (Read More)

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