Inner freedom is powerful; it boosts confidence and gives you peace of mind says Mercy Kufakunesu

Very few organizations have honed the art of freedom in the workplace. This makes it difficult to thrive in some of them. Freedom is the ability to express oneself, thinking and acting independently on behalf of the organization, but people view freedom differently.  The difference is once you have freedom, knowing the best way to utilize it and maintain it.  Do not lose your inner freedom and let lack of enthusiasm dribble into your heart.  Inner freedom is powerful; it boosts confidence and gives one peace of mind at the work place.

Here are some suggestions to maintain your inner freedom:

1. Ignore harsh words and actions

Never take words or actions that your executive says or does personally.  By allowing them to sink in, they will dent your spirit.  Rather let your vision keep your hopes alive; visualize the future and do not let harsh words or actions define your destiny.  Harsh words and actions are like road blocks.  If you let them, they will make you a less driven person.  Because you have inner freedom, instead of resorting to not doing your work, do more than is expected of you.  Refuse to be influenced by the words and actions of other people.

2. Challenge your thoughts

Not every thought that comes into your mind is rational.  Some thoughts bind us and need to be challenged, such as thoughts of self-pity and seeing yourself as a victim at work.   Challenge your thoughts by motivating yourself.  Correct your thoughts to be in line with your vision.  Distorted thoughts leave your mental skills paralyzed but choose to be positive.  Where you perceive a challenge in a task, see it as an opportunity to express your creativity.  Whilst others are losing their focus at work you can maintain your inner freedom.

3. Be your own master

When an organization hires a professional, their main goal is to have their work done.  Have the ability to be a master of yourself early in your career.  If you master yourself, you will impress your executive and he or she will entrust you with all the activities in the office. By doing this you will be able to maintain your freedom as you will be able to exhibit high levels of conceptual skills and competency.  You will be perceived by your executive as a blessing.

4. Take the initiative and make a difference

Freedom within comes through taking control of situations at the workplace and taking the initiative.  Instead of being bound by passively waiting for directions from your executive and being spoon fed, be innovative. A free person is a self-empowered person.  Feed your psychological needs by directing yourself through taking action.  Suggest time and cost saving methords and act on them. This will turn liberate you and benefit your executive.

5. Check growth

Ask your executive how you are performing. Visualize the situations that you have been in at work and seek opportunities in them.  Give birth to new ideas and ways to improve your work.  Undertake a SWOT analysis of your skills and come up with strategies to fight your weaknesses and deal with your threats.  Anything that remains confined has no freedom. Freedom comes with growth.  Seek help from knowledgeable people in areas where there is retarded growth.

6. Smile

Do not allow anything to take your smile.  Your smile should reflect your endless reassurance of being free.  Smile amidst challenges.  The workplace may not offer freedom but that should not take away your smile.  A smile can change a heavy environment.  When you lose your smile, you lose your freedom in the chaos of the workplace.   Smile, smile and smile; I say to you smile.

Even though your current situation may seem difficult, keep your inner freedom and maintain it while other are losing theirs.

Mercy Kufakunesu is a secretary for foreign missions at ZAOGA FIFMI Headquarters, Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a graduate of Chinhoyi University of Technology with an honours in Office Administration and Technology. She is currently doing a Masters in ... (Read More)

9 comments on “Maintaining your inner freedom

  1. Kinkela nsamu on

    Congratulation because of good work.
    I enjoy this concept of freedom inner. It allow people to improve his behaviour and get best personnality.

  2. Rumbidzai Kufakunesu on

    A very powerful article full of wisdom .Thank you very much for sharing with us .As from today i have learnt how to have inner freedom

  3. H.C. Mabhena on

    Very difficult to smile when you are in a challenging situation, but the inner freedom will cause you to. Continue sharing with us the wisdom God has empowered you with. Thank you & be blessed.

  4. Admire Suje on

    so courageous , inner freedom can makes one to dominate the place . it course manifestation of better conditions and peaceful life . thank you so much.

  5. Noreen Babar on

    Very powerful and profound message you delivered to deliver someone who has no freedom.keep up good work ,word of wisdom


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