Take the time to find out how you add value says Emily Newstead

On a daily basis, how do you add value? At home, at work, and more importantly, for yourself? How we ‘think’ we add value versus how we actually add value, are often two different things.

When did you last ask those close to you, ‘How do I add value to your day?’

This is a very powerful question.  And the responses can be enlightening.

This question can be asked in two capacities. The first version: ‘How do I (currently) add value to your day?’ The second version: ‘How do I (going forward) add value to your day?’

To ask someone how you add value is a big deal. Out of respect for myself, I wouldn’t ask just anyone, but someone who has a mutual understanding and respect for me, and the question itself. Asking this question will make you feel vulnerable, but also excited. The responses will enable growth and it will enable you to become even more successful than you already are.

On the flip side of the coin, when was the last time you spent time asking yourself the same question? Do you know how you ‘add value’ to yourself?

Why is it important to find out how we add value?

Well let’s think about what this might mean to ask this question to your executive. You will learn where your time is best spent for starters! You might have been exhausting yourself with something that has no value to the person you are doing it for (even though you thought it did). Equally, you will also discover where you are making yourself the most valuable in your role. When you know this, you can build on it and become an even stronger asset.

If you already ask this question, then encourage others to do the same. I am often encouraged by the responses people receive when they give themselves the opportunity to ask this question. The responses that people go on to hear are not what they anticipated. They did not realise they were adding as much value as they are; often they do not realise they were adding value in the area/s that were mentioned.

Not only this, but once you know how and where you add value, this could be the key to unlocking your own ability to train and mentor others in these areas too.

If someone came to you and asked how they added value to your day, what would your response be? Once you know how someone adds value in your life, whether that is at work, at home or in your social life, you will learn a lot about yourself and how you work. You will learn what you ‘value the most’, and likely what you ‘value the least’ from others.

Each person, company, client, supplier – values something differently. You will see themes and patterns, sure. But ultimately, it taught me to get comfortable finding out what makes people ‘tick’ and learn what they need from me. No assumptions allowed.

Asking this question can make me feel naked and exposed to potential negativity, but really I’m only nervous that I might hear something I don’t want to. In reality, that is rarely the case. People like to be asked, and they feel more valued because I did ask. It shows I care.

When you know what someone values, you can support them properly. When you know what you value, you can be supported correctly in return.

Ask this question often and make it part of regular conversations. What you or I might value now, may well change over time. Relationships evolve, as does the world around us. How amazing is that?

Let’s ensure that in whatever line of work we are in, and across the relationships we hold dear, we take the time to find out how we are adding as much value as we possibly can.

In return, lets do the exact same for ourselves and share this amazing insight.

Give the greatest gift; the gift of value.

Emily Newstead is the Founder and CEO of Bow Gifts, award winning corporate gift specialists. Bow Gifts deliver effective gifting strategies through six key specialisms - hampers, promotional branded merchandise, packaging, print, bespoke orders and white ... (Read More)

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