How to use your skills and experience to make a positive and lasting impression in your new role.


Whether you’ve landed your dream job or are climbing further up the ladder towards your ultimate goal, your experience and skills really get put to the test. So, how do you make sure your colleagues and bosses know you were the right choice for the role?
You’ve got the job, congratulations! No doubt you got there because your CV was highly polished, as were you in your interview. Your experience and enthusiasm will have shone through – now you’re there, and ready to make your mark.
The first days, weeks and months in any new job – whatever the level – are always going to be a nerve-wracking experience. As well as learning about a new industry, company or department, you’ve also got to get to grips with a whole new group of colleagues – and with them, a fresh batch of office politics. And that’s all to be taken in your stride as you take on your new roles and responsibilities with an enthusiastic attitude.

Before you head for the hills at this daunting prospect, relax. It’s all going to be okay. Remember you’re there for a reason – they spotted something in you and were confident that you could do the job, and you should be too.
As you build on your experience from your previous role and gain experience in this one, it’s your skills and training that will see you succeed. It might be a buzz term from years ago, but transferable skills are essential, particularly in today’s climate where many of us are being expected to take on responsibilities that wouldn’t have previously formed part of our roles. If your IT, people management and communications skills are up to scratch then you’ll be pretty well equipped to handle most of what any new senior role might entail.

However, Executive Secretaries and PAs are increasingly expected to work in finance, marketing, human resources, team building, social media and much more. Even if you didn’t have those responsibilities in your previous job, or have been told you’ll have them in this one, isn’t it better to be prepared for that time when you’re asked, ‘Can you just…?’. Because it will happen, trust me.

Experience and confidence will always be key to getting your dream role. But training, and evidence of that training, can really help you stand out from the crowd. In a new role, where it may feel like your confidence has briefly deserted you and you’re finding your feet, a great training package under your belt will certainly carry you far. Then, when you’re settled in and know your way around, it’ll be time to really show them what you’re made of.

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