There’s a general misconception that you need to hold a particular qualification or at least some level of project management experience prior to undertaking a PRINCE2 qualification. In actual fact the course is accessible to anyone, it can be applied to projects of any size, and it’s not just for those in the IT industry.

An acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments, PRINCE2 is widely recognised and used by the government as well as in the private sector and it can hold benefits for both individuals and organisations. From a company’s point of view, it can help to boost profits, cut costs or simply help its employees to do their jobs more effectively. For the rest of us, it’s a fantastic way of increasing employment prospects.

On the course, you can typically find yourself surrounded by those with similar job roles to yours within other companies and sectors. They may already be project managers, or individuals looking to strengthen their project managing skills, or they may simply have been tasked with a recent project within their current employment. They may even be company directors but together you’ll be taught best practice guidance on project management through a series of learning exercises which can
then be put into practice within the workforce. These can be done in a classroom, online or a mixture of both.

PRINCE2 courses recognise formal responsibilities within a project, starting with business justification, through to dividing the project into controllable stages and reporting on progress. It teaches applicants valuable skills needed to approach any project, including the ability to identify flexible decision points, control any deviations from the plan, knowing when and how to involve management and stakeholders as well as how to ensure good communication between the project, project management and the rest of the organisation.

People who have studied the qualification have found themselves in a better position to approach any new project simply by looking back to previous examples to see what could be learned. As well as asking critical questions such as how much will it cost, or how long will it take, you’ll also be encouraged to think about things like whether any elements of the project need to be outsourced. This in turn provides greater control of company resources and the ability to manage business and project risk more effectively, thus making you a much more valuable employee! What’s more when you
return to work you’ll have acquired the skills you need to feel more confident and comfortable
managing projects within the workforce.

Naturally we all learn in different ways. Whilst some prefer a straightforward dictation approach, others get more out of a practical attitude to learning. The course uses a number of teaching methods, from simple discussion to role-playing activities.

Not the academic type? Perhaps at school you shied away from writing essays as this wasn’t your forte? Whilst there will be an examination to conclude the course, PRINCE2 doesn’t require you to write at length on the topic which can be a relief for many. The format of the exams will depend
on the course you enrol on and there are two PRINCE2 qualifications you can become accredited for.

PRINCE2 Foundation teaches the PRINCE2 principles and terminology and can be studied on its own or as a prerequisite for the PRINCE2 practitioner course. It involves a closed book multiple choice examination that lasts for an hour. The PRINCE2 Practitioner course on the other hand teaches you how to apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a project. Naturally this makes the exam a little lengthier at two and a half hours with an objective testing format but once completed provides you with a globally recognised certification.

There’s also the option of re-registration. Perhaps you completed the course a year or two ago but weren’t able to use your skills at the time, or maybe you simply feel that you’d benefit from a refreshment? Whichever type of course you opt for, you’ll have the full support of your PRINCE2 provider to guide you through the process and examination.”

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