April Stallworth shares some of her winning success principles to help you create the life you desire

Have you ever thought about why some people are highly successful while others seem to have a harder time gaining traction in their personal or professional endeavors?  I am convinced that it has very little to do with natural ability, or that some people are just hard wired for success and others are not.  I believe it comes down to habits and consistency.  Personally, I know that I started seeing greater successes in my life when I decided to implement daily, weekly, and monthly habits that helped me become very focused and disciplined. These are not new ideas, but they will instead serve as a gentle reminder to incorporate them on a regular, daily basis.

1. Read, read, and read some more

If you want to increase your knowledge and practice mental stimulation, improve yourvfocus, and improve your memory, you must read every day.  Read books, magazines, articles, and papers that provide personal and professional development and inspirational nuggets – such as Executive Support Magazine.  It is here where you can connect with some great thinkers and leaders in our space.

2. Practice an attitude of gratitude

Be thankful every day for both the big things and the small things in life.  Try this exercise: each day, list the top five things you are grateful for that day.  Be specific.  On the days when you have high stress levels or many challenges, it is particularly helpful. This exercise confirms that even in the midst of dealing with important issues, there is always something to be thankful for.

3. Self-care is a non-negotiable

You cannot pour from an empty pitcher.  If you don’t implement a good self-care routine you can become a victim of fatigue, irritability, and loss of passion.  That will not only be detrimental to you, but to those around you as well, especially the people who are closest to you.  Self-care looks different for everyone.  For me, it includes working out, reading, spending time with friends, traveling, meditating, and long walks.  These are the things I do consistently to relieve stress and re-energize myself. How about you? Take a few minutes to identify the things you like to do to relax, and make sure you have time carved out in your calendar that is just for you.  You can’t afford not to.

4. Set goals and then crush them

It is critical to write your goals down and ensure that you check in on them, at least quarterly.  If you don’t solidify them, they will fall by the wayside and you won’t be able to track your progress.  Not only must you write your goals down, but you must celebrate your wins each time you are able to check off an accomplishment – no matter matter how small you might think it is.  This will help keep you motivated and inspired to complete what you have started.

5. Keep a tight inner circle

Everyone needs a strong group of friends and colleagues around them who have their best interests at heart and love them enough to have the tough conversations when needed.  I am fortunate that the women who are the closest to me have been in my corner for nearly 100 years collectively!  They are my sounding board, my trusted advisors, and my inspiration.  If you don’t have those people in your life, find some.  They are out there and ready to cheer you on.  In order to have friends, you must be friendly.  Be for someone that which you wish you had in your own life and it will come to you.  If you are surrounded by this kind of squad, don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate them.

These are just a few of my habitual success principles that I know make a difference in my performance over the long haul.  I encourage you to take time to identify your own winning strategies and continue to do them with enthusiasm, passion and consistency to ensure you stay at the top of your game.  If you don’t have any, or need to incorporate some new ones, make it a point to study those people who are succeeding in their lives and glean from them.  I’ll see you at the finish line!

April Stallworth is a respected leader, public speaker, coach, trainer, business professional, and a racial justice and reconciliation advocate. She provides group coaching services, training workshops, and speaks before religious and secular ... (Read More)

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