Change your mind and you change your life says Jessica McGregor Johnson

So here we are – another year ahead.  Maybe you are feeling excited – in which case that’s great – keep that excitement going.   But if you are like some people who are feeling jaded with their life as it is, just know you’re not alone.  In the UK, the Telegraph newspaper researchers found that 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine.

That moment in life when you realise this, is called The Wake-Up Call.  It is waking up and realising that there must be another way to feel happy, feel like life has a meaning, contribute to the world.  And there is.  And, because I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, I want to let you know about three mistakes that you can avoid to make your journey easier.

You don’t have to dump all the ‘stuff’

Often when people have this ah-ha moment they feel that they need to get rid of all the ‘stuff’.  They make the mistake of thinking that it is the ‘stuff’s’ fault that they are miserable.  Now the stuff I am talking about is all the material things we collect along the way.  There might be big stuff like houses and cars and small stuff like gadgets and the next best updated ‘whatsit’.

The truth is, it is OK to have this stuff in your life – as long as you don’t tie your self-esteem to it.  If you think that owning all this stuff is who you are, then think again.  You are far more than the external things you currently give value to.  Close your eyes for a moment and breath.  Simply breath and notice your breath.  Do this ten times.

In those few breaths your focus was not on anything external – it was on the inner you, the unchanging part of you.  The part of you that existed before you were born and will exist after you die.  This part of you needs no stuff to feel good – and neither do you.  However, the cool thing is that once you understand this – practise this, reconnect with your heart and soul – then if you still want the stuff you can have it.  When you no longer need it to feel good in your life then it has no hold on you and you can play with whatever you want.

Thinking that you must change everything

You don’t.  I have worked over the years with many people who have come to me thinking they need to change their job to be happy.  Over 50% of them never change their job.  The same with people who feel they need to change their relationship or lifestyle – or all three.  In truth the only change you can make that will make any difference is to change how you relate to yourself.

Making a huge outer life change without a corresponding inner change will change nothing.  You need to understand what makes you tick, what makes your heart sing, what your true passions are – and learn to live by them.

Caring what others think

And lastly – when you start making changes in your life some people are going to think you’ve lost it!  They are going to point out the mistake you are making and try to get you to stop.  Some will be challenged by your new direction and do all in their power to get you to put the brakes on.  Learn this and learn it quickly – stop caring about what others think!  You cannot make heartfelt decisions based on what others think.

Instead, focus on your cheer-leaders – those that stand on the sidelines with the pompoms and cheer you on no matter what.  They will support you if you flag, and remind you why you wanted this in the first place.  They are 100% on your side.

Remember, it is your life and you are a unique being with a unique life journey ahead of you.  You had your wake-up moment; some part of you deep inside knows that this is the right way forward. This part of you knows that all the outer stuff is not who you are, and if you learn to listen, it will guide you through this whole amazing, life-changing journey.  You can change your mind and change your life.

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