Attracting the working environment that you want is all about mind-set.


The phrase ‘what you think about you bring about’ has been proving itself over and over to me this month. Take this week for example: a couple of unhappy employees in the office who were sitting mumbling under their breaths and making negative comments about every phone call they made somehow managed to affect me, and I too started noticing how many things were going wrong in the company, how few things were running smoothly and that the day-to-day suddenly seemed incredibly mundane.


Was this the same company I had been working for over the last eight months and loving every minute of it? Was it really this dire and this bad for some people? Did they not see how blessed we were to even have a job with this wonderful company?


I realised that for me to shift my perspective back up a gear and start feeling loving towards my job and all my colleagues again, I needed to get back to my roots; centre myself and find the positive perspective. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ is what I love to call it; just simply feeling appreciative in every fibre of my being, no matter what is going on around me. Challenging? Yes! Impossible? No! It is definitely easy to turn things around instantly when you focus.


I desperately wanted to regain focus on all the things that were going well; the things that I loved about my job and the qualities in my work colleagues that I felt great about when I first met them. It’s so important for an amazing quality of life to feel good – and who says you can’t feel good all of the time? It’s a choice. It can be done. Seeing the good in everything that happens is a choice. It takes practice, but once you get good at it, life will never be the same again. Of course setbacks will always happen, but its how we look at them – there is always a gift for you in the hands of a setback. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow.


This simple shift in perspective was about to bring about a whole myriad of changes for me, and yet it was the same company, the same job, the same building and the same employees regardless of what I thought. It was up to me how my reality was unfolding, simply based on the thoughts I was choosing to think.


So what is it that makes a job joyous and fulfilling? The job itself is one thing; the way we choose to think about it is a whole different story. And that is exactly what it is – a story we tell ourselves. If I know that I am choosing to be there and I am choosing the thoughts I entertain, then I also know I have the power within me to make my life absolutely incredible right now. How? Purely by the way I see it and feel it.


If I can practice feeling great right now about all the things I have, then my energy levels will escalate and I will instantly attract similar energy and opportunities and great and interesting situations will start to appear. It happens every time without fail. As soon as I start feeling and thinking positively, the doors start to open and life instantly presents fantastic opportunities and beautiful little synchronistic events. Try it! Then look out for the signs. They are everywhere.


Smile at a stranger on the train; allow someone to overtake you in the car; help someone cross the road or up the stairs with their bags; listen to a great tune; feel happy in the rain. Thank your body for everything it does well and see the good in the people around you. See yourself today how you want to become tomorrow and pretty soon, the dream will become a reality.


Madeleine Wober CPCC

Confidence & Empowering Coach

Madeleine Wober has had a varied and interesting professional life, being professionally trained as an actress in New York City before falling into radio broadcasting and voice overs; qualifying as a beauty therapist, and working for 15 years as a sales ... (Read More)

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