Are you attracting luck or is it merely coincidence? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s written in the stars…

“Do you ever notice that once you have an idea or decide that you want to do something, strange coincidences seem to happen? The idea may be to start a new venture, sell your house, buy a house, go travelling, get a new job, create a joint venture, start a networking group or train in a new skill… whatever it may be, it starts from an idea.

The Universe works in mysterious ways
Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone and then they call? Perhaps you have asked yourself how you can get ahead in your current role and suddenly you are told of an opportunity at work? Have you ever wondered how you can afford to attend some training and suddenly you get a gift of money?

I strongly believe that you can either attract amazing opportunities in your direction and with the same strength you can push opportunities away from you.

Have you been lucky?
I very much believe there is no such thing as luck. I do believe that when you have an idea or you become really clear about what you want to do, then suddenly you become faced with the opportunities to make it all happen and lead you towards your dream.

Why does this happen?
Well, when we have an idea about something we want to do and become excited about it, it’s as if, even though the information was there all along, we were not open to it before. Sometimes we may have an idea but we create blocks to prevent us from achieving it because we are either overwhelmed about how it might take over our time, or we can’t see how it will work. Indeed, we may receive negativity from people around us which dampens our enthusiasm. We can even block that idea becoming a reality because we don’t have enough confidence and faith in ourselves to pull it off. Sound familiar?

Therefore, when we suddenly become clear about the idea and how we see it happening, we become excited about it and we know, somehow, that it will just work out as we want it to… suddenly… amazingly… we create a clear runway and any blocks to achieving it are removed from our minds. Then it happens and we achieve what we set out to achieve.

At our recent VA Taster Session in London, the conversation was very much around this subject. The ladies, who came from different industries, were being made redundant and some were looking for a career change. It was clear from what they were saying that once they had the idea in their heads that they wanted to work from home, to run their own business and possibly offer PA services on a freelance basis (bearing in mind at this stage they were not fully aware that the VA industry existed), situations leading them into the VA world started taking place through a sequence of
events – serendipity!

Suddenly, they started speaking to other people who introduced them to the concept of the VA industry, they came across our stand or my presentation at The Office Show, they came across an article about someone using a VA and more and more coincidental situations.

Sound familiar?
So for these ladies, once they were clear what they wanted and why they wanted it – for example, they didn’t want to have to find another job after redundancy, they felt that they had exceeded their career as a PA and needed new challenges, they wanted to do something where they could have greater earning potential and flexibility, they wanted to be around their children more – then everything slowly started to fall into place.

What does this all mean, Carmen?
What this means is that you can go through life wishing your life or situation was different. You can continue to create excuses why you can’t do something that will enable you to get out of your rut. You can find reasons such as “I don’t have enough people in my business community” or “I can’t afford the training” or “I don’t think this business idea will work” or “I don’t have enough clients”and so on.

Surprise yourself
But let me tell you something really interesting. It always fascinates me, yet doesn’t surprise me, that when I speak to people who are looking at becoming a VA, the ones that are really excited about it and have the belief that this is definitely what they want to do and somehow have the confidence that it will be successful, make it happen. Yes, they may not always have the money and may still be in a job… but they create the opportunity. They never allow reasons to stop them – they create reasons to take action and make it happen.

I can tell you now, these are the people who are the lucky ones… they create their own luck by going for what they want, starting out with an idea, then taking action. They find a way to make it happen.

So, let’s focus on you
Start to notice when coincidences happen (or fate as I like to call it). Notice how you may be introduced to a person who may connect you to your next client, notice how when you start to realise your worth you attract clients who pay you a higher fee, notice when you have an idea
for a new venture people come into your life who have the experience to advise you on how
you can set it all up.

What are you attracting in your life?
Are you open to letting it happen or are you creating blocks? Action, confidence and belief will allow you to create the luck you want. Everyone is responsible for creating their destiny, so go for it!”

Carmen MacDougall came from a corporate background as a PA and Office Manager before establishing her VA business over 12 years ago after redundancy. She since established herself as one of the leading trainers on setting up and running a successful ... (Read More)

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