How to empower yourself with great experiences and turn down the bad ones

One of the things we are good at is making sounds and images in our head, more commonly referred to as memories.

The way we remember an event either from the past (or imagine a future event) can have a profound effect on how we feel about it. In the case of a future event, it can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of that occurance.

Now, let’s find out what a fantastic difference it can make to being inside and outside a memory and for this occasion we’re going to use a technique called disassociation.

Think of a memory or event that causes you a mild amount of stress or discomfort, but this isn’t the time or place for a full blown panic attack.

Into The Frame

As you notice what images come to mind try to imagine stepping out of yourself in the picture, so you can actually see the back of your own head. Pull yourself as far away from the image as far you can. Now imagine stepping all the way out of the picture so that you see yourself al the way over there still in the picture. This technique of disassociating actually reduces the intensity the feelings in the image were creating for you.

Now here’s where we have some fun.

Let’s do it the other way round and step into a really happy image or memory. This technique is called association.
Think of a time, memory or event in your life when you felt fantastic and allow the image to come to mind. This time I’d like you to imagine stepping into the image so that you’re actually seeing through your own eyes, hearing through your ears and feeling great in your own body.

Now, make the image bigger, turn up the sounds and make the feelings stronger.

These two techniques can be used to access fantastic inner resources at any time and can also be used to take away or diminish the feelings of an unpleasant experience.

They can result in total power and control over the way you feel and think.

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