The World Administrators Summit is a working meeting that discusses the issues challenging our profession across the globe, explains Helen Monument

It hardly seems any time at all since the 11th World Administrators Summit was held online in 2020. But here at WA-Alliance HQ, we’re already working behind the scenes to make the 12th WA-Summit as successful as the last one.

We thought long and hard about a face-to-face Summit, planned to be held prior to the IAAP Summit in Nashville, Tennessee in July this year. Sadly, the uncertain world of COVID restrictions threw us too many unknowns and risks, so we have decided to continue with the online format and again spread the event over two Saturdays, 15th and 22nd October 2022.

A Two-day Working Meeting

The World Administrators Summit is not a conference; it’s a working meeting, open to credentialed delegates who come together to actively discuss the issues that are challenging our profession across the globe, bringing to the table the voices of their associations, networks or countries.

Day 1 is focused on four facilitated discussion groups, and on Day 2 the actions and recommendations from those groups are presented to all the Delegates for approval before we share those outcomes with the world. We’re delighted that Lucy Brazier, Heather Baker, Karen Nanninga and Juanita Mort have again agreed to be our facilitators.

We have chosen the four discussion topics from the Summit survey input that was completed at the start of this year and have distilled that data into the most urgent topics that the respondents believe the Summit should focus on. Full details of the Summit, including the agenda, can be found on the WA-Summit website:

What’s Expected of a Delegate?

Crucial to the success of the Summit discussion topics is the pre-work we send out to the Delegates. They are expected to consult with the members of their association or network in their country on each of the four topics so that they can bring those opinions and concerns to the Summit for all to hear and discuss. All consultation documents and information is sent to the Delegates well in advance so that they have plenty of time to gather feedback from their members before the Summit in October.

We have decided this year to expand the reach of the Summit by increasing the number of delegates allowed from each country from three to five. We’re also allowing Observers to attend again, who don’t take an active part, but watch and listen to the discussions to learn more about the work done at the Summit.

Delegates are usually appointed by their association or network. It is not necessary for an association or network to be a member of the WA-Alliance in order to attend, but Delegates must meet specific criteria set out in the Delegate Credential form.

Feedback from the 11th WA-Summit

At the 11th WA-Summit in 2021, 69 delegates attended from 27 countries. Collectively, they represented the voices of over 200,000 administrative professionals.

Our post-Summit survey told us that 98% of the attendees found the Summit to be productive or very productive. Here’s what some Delegates wrote:

“I was able to appreciate and share various views on topics that affect the profession. Additionally, an eye-opener of how we can still meet and virtually go into breakout rooms without being in one place physically.”

“The group sessions were a great opportunity for people who are not comfortable speaking to a larger audience to be able to discuss their views. In addition, the material that was provided beforehand allowed robust discussion amongst our peers.”

“I feel like I’ve benefited from participating in a variety of ways. I expressed my opinion, I met attitudes different from mine, I learned things I did not know and, above all, I was involved in shaping a better future for administrative Assistants.”

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2 comments on “The 12th World Administrators Summit

  1. Amy Green on

    This is just truly inspiring and amazing. I have begun conversations with my HR department regarding the Global Skills Matrix and hoping there are positive changes to come in my organization.

  2. Helen Monument on

    Hi Amy, thanks for your comment. That is wonderful news.
    Do let me know how those conversations are going and if you need any support. I look forward to hearing all about it.


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