Brenda Bernstein showcases the new features from the most recent LinkedIn updates

LinkedIn updates are still happening! I have compiled some of the most recent features so you can impress your colleagues:

1. New Character Limit for LinkedIn Headlines

The character limit for your Headline recently went from 120 to 220 characters. Now you can add even more keywords to your profile. (So far, the change has not rolled out to Android.) Have fun with this opportunity to enhance your searchability on LinkedIn!

2. Improved Feed Algorithm

When ranking articles in the LinkedIn feed, LinkedIn now measures “dwell time.” In other words, the algorithm now takes into account the amount of time someone spends “viewing” the content. This change is meant to improve the relevance of the content in your feed.

3. Notes to New Invitations to Connect

I have long recommended that you make sure to use the Connect button on the member’s profile to send your invitation to connect, because it allows you to personalize your invite.

LinkedIn has changed some language in this feature that had me scratching my head. When you click that Connect button, it now says “Your invitation to so-and-so is on its way.” Woops! Did I just send a blank invite?

Linked In Updates Invitation

No reason to panic. After clicking, you will still get an option to “Add a note” or click “Done.”  Honestly, this new system seems confusing to me, and I hope it will be revisited soon.

4. Open to Opportunities Photo Frame

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature to help job seekers stand out: the #OpenToWork photo frame.

First, the logistics:

To get the Open to Opportunities frame (and you may or may not want this – keep reading), click “Get started” in the “Show recruiters you’re open to work” box below your Headline:

LinkedIn updates

Then add your job preferences and choose to share with all LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn updates

This is what your profile image will look like if you choose to share with all LinkedIn members:

LinkedIn updates

If you choose to use this feature, be aware of some potential downsides:

  • It won’t make you more visible to recruiters who are using LinkedIn’s special software for recruiters. For those recruiters, you can use the Open Candidates feature and it will serve you fine.
  • You could turn off many recruiters who prefer to conduct a search for “passive” candidates.
  • There are some scammy, spammy “search firms” out there who might contact you. Beware.
  • You might think you can rely on having this marker on your profile, whereas in actuality, you still need to be active and accountable in your job search! Check out the Job Search Success System for support in your search.

Maybe you’ve already turned on this feature and have now decided to reverse your decision. Not a problem! You can turn it off. Go to the Open to Work section of your profile and click the pencil icon.

LinkedIn updates

Then at the bottom of the “Edit job preferences” window, choose “I’m no longer open.”

For more about the “Open to Opportunities” feature, read LinkedIn’s Help article, “Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Work.”

5. Name Pronunciation Recording Feature

Do you have a name that’s difficult for others to pronounce? LinkedIn now allows you to record your name! This new feature can reduce the occurrence of having your name mangled by your connections. Sharing your voice will also add some interactivity and fun to your profile. You might even want to record your name if you have an easy name to pronounce!

Currently, this tool is only available on the mobile app. To record your name, click the pencil icon to the right of your photo:

LinkedIn updates


LinkedIn updates

Hold the blue microphone button to record your name.

Linked In updates

Once you’ve spoken your name, click the button again to preview it. Then choose whether you will want only your first-degree connections or all LinkedIn members to be able to listen to your name. Finally, “Retake” your name recording or “Apply” it to accept.

LinkedIn updates

When you’re done, don’t forget to hit Save in the upper right!

This is what your profile will look like when your recording is live:

LinkedIn updates

I’m personally looking forward to having people with unusual names, and names with multiple pronunciations, and even the average Jane Doe start using this feature. I want to pronounce people’s names correctly when I talk to them, plus it’s an extra bonus to “get to know” someone through their voice!

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