Cheela Srinivasa Rao details his top tips for finding fulfillment as an Assistant

These days, most offices have an administrator, secretary, executive secretary or executive assistant to manage the executive office.  The scope of this role has changed over time – from taking dictation, using a manual typewriter, to an electronic typewriter, then a PC.  In my career, I have used them all.  Taking dictation may be a thing of the past, but typing is forever!

Creating a good working atmosphere is important to your success as a professional. It is important to have a good working relationship with your executive, co-workers and internal and external customers. Here are some elements to consider in your success:


Setting up your family for your success is very important. When you are single, it is easy to create your own daily schedule.  Once you are married, involving your family members and gaining their co-operation in your schedule is an important part of your success in your role. Spend the maximum amount of time with your family outside office hours. It gives relief to you and enjoyment to your family.

Regular, Punctual and Sincere (RPS)

“RPS” is paramount for every employee.

Regular: attend to daily and regular activities

Punctual: be on time for all activities, and with all assignments

Sincere: perform daily activities and assignments to the best of your ability


Alongside the mandatory skills and education needed for the role, mindset is very important. Be prepared psychologically to do job, then you can enjoy the job. Positive thoughts give energy to any task.


Keeping in good health and having regular health check-ups are very important.

Interpersonal Skills

Maintain relationships with other employees who are not part of your group or department. Show your personality. Good relationships can be achieved through helping other employees and participating in company or personal activities with them.

No Action No Result

As mentioned in one proverb: “Do your work and do not expect the results of your work”. This means do not forgot to do your work; if you do your work wholeheartedly, the result will come automatically; there is no need to panic.

Eagle View

Working in the executive office, we must take the overall company view when fulfilling our duties.

Keep Your Position in Mind

Keep in mind the position that we are in and act accordingly. Do not join in any unnecessary office chi-chat. It impacts negatively on you and your role.


Keep the stationery that you need close at hand; arrange your things for maximum impact.

Maximum Presence at Your Seat

Since it is a hot seat, physical presence is required most of the time. If nobody is there at the desk it gives a negative impression.

Help Desk

Since you are working with senior members of the company, you will often receive calls with general enquiries.  Direct them with a positive manner. Sometimes people will ask for help with small things. Understand their needs and act accordingly. It is a very minor thing for us, but for them it is very important.

Understanding the situation

If you have been working with your executive for some time, observe his or her psychology and working style and act accordingly. You can then work freely, and your executive will have confidence in you.


Prioritise each task and try to complete them before the close of business.  Then you can have a peaceful time at home.

First Day in the Company

Your attention to your tasks and to your colleagues should be the same today as it was on your first day in the company.

Tasks outside our Role

Sometimes we must go beyond our job profile and act for the office. For example, in the case of some urgent or confidential documents, we may have to deliver them to the respective person ourselves, if a no one else is available.


Each of us tries to give our best to our employer, family, customers, but each of us needs our own guidelines and self-discipline. These then become best practice and guidelines for the next generation. Make your own guidelines and give your best service to everyone so that they will be happy. Ultimately you will have a happy family and work life!

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Cheela Srinivasa Rao is the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director, Hughes Systique Corporation, India. He has 35 years of rich experience, working in different departments such as product support, software testing, quality, HR Training and the ... (Read More)

6 comments on “Finding Fulfillment as an Assistant

  1. Cheers C's Rao on

    Good morning brother Srinivas I appreciate your experience out let for future generations in brief to make their profession productive to the concerned organization and also successive carrier of the individual,all the best And continue same spirit of tempo I wish you all the best chinnanna srikakulam

  2. soorampalli suresh on

    congratulations sreenivas! with Good observation and your experience in working reveals in the above


  3. HN Shankar on

    Dear Cheela Srinivasa Rao,

    I went through your article line by line and in between the lines too. It is an excellent article and a good guide for others. I can say that this is exactly how you have been all through your career. I had th privilege of being associated with you.

    HN Shankar

  4. Ashish Tanwar on

    Having being interacted with Mr Cheela on multiple occasions, i must endorse that he means every word written in the article.
    A very sincere, and easy going professional to interact with.


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