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Vonetta Watson MCT

Instructional Technology Specialist

Instructional Technology Specialist

Vonetta Watson, the owner of TechGem Educational Technologies, is a 25-year technology veteran, SME, facilitator, instructor, international trainer/speaker, mentor, author, technology and personal coach, consultant, and software migration/implementation specialist. As an Instructional Technology and Software Education Specialist, Vonetta has over two decades of experience in education and training delivery using unique combinations of Educational Technology methodologies that go beyond the twenty-first-century learners’ needs; she is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and committed educator who understands and strives to motivate others to exceed their expectations.

Vonetta is a highly accomplished individual with an extensive background in education. She has a Master of Education in Adult Education and Training, Curriculum and Testing Development, Instructional Design, Educational Leadership, Six Sigma Lean, and Personal Coach. With over 60 certifications in the IT field; her certifications include Internet & Computer Core Certification (IC5), Adobe® Master Suite, Microsoft® Certified Professional & Expert M365, which has gained her the Microsoft® Certification for MOS Expert and Master, Microsoft® Certified Educator, Microsoft® Service Adoption Specialist, and Microsoft® Certified Trainer. Vonetta also holds instructor certifications in Microsoft, IC5, Adobe® CS5.

  • Microsoft Edge + Bing: The Power of Two

    Discover the powerful synergy of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Bing – the ultimate duo for boosting your online productivity workflow. Elevate your browsing experience with Microsoft Edge’s cutting-edge features, robust extensions, and game-changing AI integrations. Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Bing as your ultimate web companion. Get ready to revolutionize your browsing experience with this dynamic combination.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Leverage the power of cross-platform compatibility and unlock the potential of built-in productivity tools to optimize your efficiency and streamline your workflow. Discover the seamless integration and enhanced productivity they bring to your work.
    • Unleash the potential of cutting-edge image and video search, innovative web-based translation, and powerful AI-driven recognition technology. Experience the next level of efficiency and effectiveness in your digital endeavors.
    • Discover how to optimize your online experience. Take advantage of its built-in tools, such as collections, vertical tabs, and tab groups, designed to keep you organized and make the most of your precious time online.


    This session is available on demand, in our Learning Library

  • Microsoft Live Events: The Essential Guide for Admins

    Microsoft Live Events make it easier than ever for you to transform your virtual event into a reality! Equip yourself with the essential knowledge, techniques, and best practices necessary to create a successful Microsoft Live Event, ensuring that all aspects of the experience meet standards of excellence.

    From small groups of customers or colleagues to large (albeit virtual!) international gatherings, Microsoft Live Events provide robust features and flexible options. With just a few steps, you can plan and host a fantastic Microsoft Live Event that participants will never forget!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Get Insight into curating your event experience
    • Planning and scheduling a live event in Outlook or Teams
    • Learn best practices before, during, and after the event
    • Setting expectations for moderator, presenter, and attendee


    This session is available on demand, in our Learning Library

  • Demystifying and Harnessing the Power of the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the workplace by driving collaboration between employees and departments. By connecting devices and data, the IoT provides employees with real-time access to information and enables them to work together more efficiently.

    As Assistants, we are the front-line workers in the best position to take advantage of this trend. During this session, we will discuss how to use technology to improve communication and collaboration in the workplace. We will also explore ways to use technology to streamline administrative tasks.

    Learning Outcomes

    • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
    • How is the IoT transforming the workplace and how can businesses take advantage of it?
    • What are some real-world examples of how the IoT has been used in business settings?
    • How will the IoT continue to shape the workplace in years to come and what should businesses do to prepare for it?”
  • The Coding Evolution: An Assistant's Next Big Skill

    Gain technology empowerment with a new skill set. In an age where technology is constantly evolving, and our Uniworkverse is ever expanding, coding is becoming one of the most sought-after skills. As an administrative professional, staying ahead of the curve is vital.

    In this session, learn the basics of low coding and how it’s already impacting your workflow.

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session we will:

    • Learn the basics of coding and how to apply it to your workflow.
    • Learn about the diverse types of coding languages and how to choose the right one for you.
    • Gain insight into the tools and resources you need to start low coding.
  • Welcome to the UniWorkVerse: Technology Adaptability, Empowerment and Tooling-Up

    Let your technology evolution begin. In this session, venture into the UniWorkVerse. Obtain tools that allow you to deep-dive into technology adaptability, empowerment, and tooling-up. Reset your technology path.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this session, attendees will have an understanding of how to:

    • Analyze and evaluate your technology adaptability
    • Harness your technology empowerment
    • Create a sustainable technology development plan by tooling-up
  • MS Teams: The Exceptional Admin Management System

    Vonetta Watson, MCT, walks you through the world of M365 Teams. Learn how Teams serves as a true hub to work, share, connect, manage, meet, and share tools in one place for instant access at your fingertips.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Breakthrough Monotonous Daily Task with Teamwork Tools
    • Standardize Workflows with MOS Application Integration
    • Tips & Tricks
  • Corporate Training ILT

    Hands-on, high-energy, interactive, blended learning environment. Corporate Training Partner. An Immersive Learning Experience tailored to multiple intelligences and learning styles using a Constructivist teaching style while fostering a community of learning. Here to train you on new knowledge skills or reinforce your current skill set.

  • All Things O365 Employee Onboarding

    Getting started and connecting the dots

    • Admin Quick Start
    • Manage and Drive adoption
    • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office (Desktop & Online Versions)


    • Beginner to advanced course options
    • Expert


    • Beginner to advanced course options
    • Expert


    • Beginner and advanced course options

    Outlook (To-Do Mobile App integration)

    • Beginner to advanced course options
    • Beyond the Mail
  • OneNote

    Learn from a OneNote Avenger  how to use OneNote for

    • Meeting
    • Planning
    • Projects
  • SharePoint Online
    • Getting Started
  • Planner
    • Projects
    • Task Toolbox
  • Yammer
    • Company Social Network



  • Teams
    • Out the box
  • Groups
    • From Outlook to Teams
  • Flow
    • Automation and approvals
  • Stream
    • Company video management and sharing
  • Adobe Pro
    • Creation
    • Control
    • Delivery

    How do we change our mindset to accept constant Shift and adopt the “Modern Workplace” landscape while maintaining our sanity; is that even possible? Let’s discuss ways in which the traditional workplace landscape as we know it has become organic like hybrid fruit; and, discuss ways in which we work, communicate, and disseminate information over varying audiences, software, and our ability to navigate our resources.

  • ACE IT: MOS Certification Boot Camp

    Struggling!? Do you have test anxiety, nervousness, or is overall test knowledge derailing you from becoming a MOS Associate or Expert? Look no further. Let me inspire you to take that leap to certification! LEARN! PRACTIC! CERTIFY!

    Office 365 and Office 2019

    • Associate
    • Expert
    • Master
  • Outlook Deep Dive: Beyond the Mail

    Interested in advancing your Outlook skills? Deep Dive into Outlook and learn how it’s more than just an email client. Learn advanced features to effectively customize and automate your personal management system and daily email management workflow. Lean application connectivity and online apps to help improve your daily workflow.

    • Customize command sets
    • Set global options
    • Create rules to automate many management tasks
    • Work with advanced Calendars, Groups, and Teams
    • Protect data with OneDrive
    • Share and delegate access to your SharePoint

  • Team Work Makes the Dream Work

    Walk through the world of O365 Teams. Learn how Teams (add-ins) serves as a ways hub to work, share conversations, files, and tools in one place for instant access to everything at your fingertips.

    • File Sharing & Permissions
    • Collaboration: Channels, Groups, Chats
    • MOS Application Integration
    • Tips & Tricks

  • Office 365 Deep Dive: From the Inside Out

    Let’s unpack O365! Get an interactive 365, Deep Dive view of Microsoft’s Office 365. Walk through and learn products and apps integration, advanced features, tips and tricks, and new releases to effectively bring your work village together. If you’ve been pondering what Office 365 is or how to efficiently use to help increase productivity, ponder no more.

    • Integration of Office Apps, Products and Bots
    • Interacting with Office and Mobile Devices
    • Provide students with an intensive, interactive project scenario for real-time use.

  • Career Advancement: Onward and Upward

    What’s in your Tool Box?

    An energetic and inspirational session on career advancement with the use of technology. Learn thought-provoking strategies using your current skill set to position yourself and take control of your professional future. It’s time to take your career to the next level!

  • Empowerment in the Workplace

    Struggling to elevate beyond the bounds into Workplace Empowerment? How is this accomplished? How do we find our strength, our voice, and command a true presence in our daily work life? This interactive session will challenge and inspire the Power in You!

  • Bryon Tryon, Auditor, Defense Contract Audit Agency

    As an Executive Assistant, I consistently used Excel and we had a love/hate relationship. As such, I sought out Vonetta’s services to increase the love. I am impatient and aspire to grasp the concept(s) the first time. This was not the case with Excel (remember love/hate). Vonetta was patient with me learning but firm about me being patient, not quitting, and thinking through excel formulas and applications. I arrived for MS Excel and departed with a plethora of knowledge regarding MS Office. Vonetta is great, personable, and can accommodate multiple learning styles.

  • Elizabeth White-Peters, CAP-OM-PM, ACEA, Notary, Thomson Reuters

    Vonetta makes change easy! She instructs in a clear, concise manner upgrades on various versions of MS Suite that had a class of >300 cheering. She gets the IT & User experience, so she can communicate with both & translate as needed. She also provides EXCELLENT customer service. (And, I thank her for providing individual attention in the smaller group structure.) You can’t go wrong with bringing her expertise to your company.

  • Lori Frederick, CAP, Executive Administrative Assistant, City of St. Joseph

    I attended three sessions you presented at IAAP Summit 2019. I learned a lot of valuable information. Thank you!

  • Whitney Kelso, Administrative Assistant II, Anthem, Inc

    Thanks, so much for imparting your wisdom at the IAAP Conference!

  • Valarie Hayes, CAP, OM, Executive Office Coordinator, WakeMed Health & Hospitals

    I absolutely loved the presentations you presented at the IAAP Summit 2019! You were spot on and provided a lot of valuable information for me to share with my colleagues! Hoping to see you in 2020 and hope you dive into OneNote!

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