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Tricia Madden

An Authentic and Inspiring Industry Leader

An Authentic and Inspiring Industry Leader

Tricia Madden is a seasoned professional and dynamic leader in the business support profession. She has over 25 years of experience as a functional leader and Director within a big 4 professional services firm and is now a specialist consultant and co-owner of her own business.

Tricia has international recognition as an expert in the admin profession, with a strong commitment to excellence, and has successfully led a team of over 1000 dedicated professionals who serviced over 15000 clients with the highest level of support and operational excellence.

Additionally, Tricia has mentored hundreds of business support professionals who have become future leaders within the industry and led multiple large-scale change programs and initiatives. One of her proudest achievements was implementing the first Business Support Apprenticeship Academy, a trailblazer and subsequent award-winning program for its contribution to working with local, underprivileged communities.

Tricia is also a motivational speaker and a true advocate for her profession. She has overcome many challenges, taking on each one as an opportunity to develop herself and improve on the status quo. Tricia is deeply committed to supporting the Kidney Research Trust, a cause close to her heart as she is a kidney transplant recipient herself.

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