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Susan Leahy MA CSP

CEO Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. | Keynote Speaker | Confidence Coach

CEO Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. | Keynote Speaker | Confidence Coach

Fun! Engaging! Inspiring! Empowering!

Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional with more than 20 years of coaching, consulting and keynoting experience. She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. ( a global training and consulting organization that works with clients to build a culture of TEAM.

Susan is also the woman behind America’s top-rated Robert’s Rules of Order training site ( as well as the creator of “The Confident Woman Program”.

Susan is the perfect choice for a conference kick off or closing speaker as she is high energy, interactive, fun yet practical and relevant.

  • The Confident Woman Program: How to increase your confidence and be more assertive

    How would the world shift if women gave themselves greater permission to lead?

    While we, as women, have made so much progress there is still so much farther we all need to go. Confident women help to generate more confident men. Confidence is when we can give our selves permission to participate in life more fully and more freely. It is when I can stand as an integrated person, who can access both my masculine and my feminine qualities. It is the integration and acceptance of my full self that gives power and empowers. Confidence is your ability to feel the fear but do it anyway. Confidence is the ability for you to write your own story. Confidence is your ability to generate and create healthy relationships that support growth and progress. As a woman, Susan Leahy MA CSP loves to speak directly to women about how to find and allow the full power of their voice, to stand up, speak up and lead!

  • ROBERT'S RULES MADE SIMPLE: Make Your Meetings Matter

    Robert’s Rules of Order is unfortunately a source of frustration for the majority of people who serve on governing boards.

    Board members struggle not because there is a problem with Robert’s Rules of Order, but because board members typically receive little or no training leading to:

    • – Confusion
    • – Frustration
    • – Wasted time & money


    Susan Leahy uses Robert’s Rules as a communication tool and has helped thousands learn Robert’s Rules of Order to get more work done. ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE Webinars, trainings and information products are the fast, fun and easy way to get you and your board members up to speed. So if you’re ready to stop wasting time in meetings, get the effective, fun and simple way to learn parliamentary procedure!

  • SPEAK FEAR FREE: How to speak with confidence and get what you want

    The #1 fear in the nation before death and spiders is public speaking!

    The more confident you can become driving the full power of your voice in all of life’s situations, the more successful you will be. SPEAK FEAR FREE can be delivered as a keynote, live webinar, or group training and the material in all formats focuses on practical tips to build confidence and get people feeling more comfortable, competent and confident when speaking formally or informally.

    Our fears keep us from moving forward and living the lives we dream of. If we give in to our fears, we let them drive us away from where we want to be, and we get locked in place, rendered motionless. SPEAK FEAR FREE is the answer to this all too common problem as it supports participants in learning how to play with their fears instead of letting their fears play with them.

  • LEADERSHIP BOOTCAMP: Leadership is not a title

    Leadership is a full body experience! This high-energy presentation is delivered as a dynamic keynote or as an interactive multi-hour training.

    Leadership Bootcamp has been a featured presentation at such national events as IAAP’s EFAM for 2 years running. This program is a high energy, interactive keynote that will get your participants on their feet trying on the practical side of LEADERSHIP.

    It is essential to remember that leadership is not a title. LEADERSHIP is something you embody. It is a consciousness. It is a choice that you make during every interaction that creates connection and inspires movement.

    This keynote will leave participants feeling motivated and ready to get even more involved both personally and professionally. This dynamic, fun and highly interactive keynote is A FULL BODY EXPERIENCE!

  • WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Empowering the leader in you

    Women in Leadership – Empower the Leader in YOU is a thought provoking, experiential (aka interactive) session that gives practical tips and techniques to support women to step more fully into their power both personally and professionally. Confidence isn’t something that you have to find, it is something that you have to call from within yourself. The journey of stepping fully into your power depends on four elements: Permission, Participation, Practice and Play. Struggling with your own personal confidence, feelings of insecurity, doubt or fear seem to be a natural part of the leadership journey for any woman. However, it is those women who really learn how to “play” with those insecurities (rather than let the insecurities play with them) that truly have a greater impact in the world. The goal of this session is to allow participants to dig deep as they establish personal definition around their leadership journey as well as to help them to experience a greater level of confidence in all areas of life.

  • From Group to TEAM – A Revolutionary New Way to Generate TEAM

    This is a powerful presentation that is a highly motivating and effective keynote to kick off a conference or event that will create connection, energy and to get your participants interacting.  From Group to TEAM is most regularly delivered as a single or multi-day training to shift organizational behavior but can be shortened to meet your conferences specific needs. The format of From Group to TEAM is very flexible while still retaining the power and impact of the material.

    When individuals operate from the mindset of “group,” their choices organize around “self-interest.”  When individuals operate from the mindset of “team”, they organize their choices around a “shared interest.”  Group is the default when people come together, while TEAM needs to be earned. Susan’s powerful keynote gives the power back to the individual and shows them a revolutionary new way to generate more TEAM.

  • B.M. - Dean of Fine Arts & Media Technology, Saddleback College

    Susan Leahy is an enthusiastic and talented speaker who does more than simply motivate! Her ability to have each individual stop and understand the reasons for personal life failures and successes focuses each team member and puts an organization on a unified path of encouragement, synergy, and success! Thank you, Susan, for sharing your talent, energy, and insight. You are a powerful speaker and facilitator.

  • A.S. - City of Oakland Auditor, City of Oakland

    Susan’s introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order was one of the most meaningful workshops I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. Her mastery of the subject matter was only second to her engaging, substantive, and thought-provoking presentation. I thought she was joking when she promised to make Robert’s Rules personal to me — she was not. I was blown away and would recommend this workshop to anybody who wants to better understand and relate to Robert’s Rules of Order as a tool to build better more high functioning TEAMs.


    I wanted to thank Susan Leahy and Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. for all that you have done for our AETC Command team. I love and appreciate your simple and practical approach. The “Group to Team” concept makes so much sense and was perfect for us here at AETC. While I know we are a difficult group, your training taught us how to shift our conversation to generate more experiences of TEAM. I personally learned how to get my power back. While there are many patterns that we still are caught in, the practices you shared during our training and webinars will support us in improving. I feel like we are doing so much better because of all of your help.


    The statement, “Teaching isn’t just talking and learning isn’t just listening.” is not original with me; I could not tell you where I heard it first. But as a teacher for over 30 years or so at all grade levels from elementary to graduate school, I can tell you Susan is not just talking, she teaches! Students are not just listening, they are learning!

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