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Simon McCaskill

Digital Transformation Expert

Digital Transformation Expert

Simon is a learning designer, facilitator, and speaker specializing in Digital transformation, emerging technologies, and data. He is the founder of the digital Boost Academy working with some of the largest organizations and is a Pilot (lead facilitator) for Google Virtual Facilitation Academy.

Simon’s enthusiasm for the digital world is contagious. He is constantly challenging the learning process and exploring new ways in which to bring a subject to life.

His success comes from his unique ability to simplify the online and digital world and show you a new way of using digital as a tool to get the results you need for business growth, personal development, and well-being.


  • YouTube as a Learning Platform

    YouTube has over one billion users who upload content at the rate of 300 hours of video every minute. That is 5 million hours of new content every day. And with users watching over 4 billion videos a day, YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google.

    But who is watching? What are they watching? And why is it so compelling?

    In this session we explore how YouTube is becoming the go to place for learning and development videos and how you can take your YouTube learning to the next level.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Why YouTube is becoming a platform for education
    • How to find the best teachers and lessons
    • Tips and tricks for getting more out of YouTube


  • Collaborating on Jamboard

    In our new working world, with teams potentially based anywhere in the world, finding ways to successfully collaborate on projects is more important than ever.

    And that’s where Jamboard comes in. Jamboard is a new Google product which was originally created to work with a physical whiteboard in offices. It has found a new purpose, and fans, in remote working.

    In this session we will quickly cover the fundamentals of using Jamboard before moving on to the more advanced techniques of designing your future meetings and training to enhance interactions, participants, and ultimately results.

    Learning Outcomes 

    • The fundamentals of using Google Jamboard
    • Designing your meetings and training for interactions
    • Advanced collaboration techniques


  • PowerPoint versus Google Slides

    This is a joint session with Melissa Esquibel.

    In this session we aim to address the age-old debate which is better: PowerPoint or Google Slides?

    Melissa Esquibel, a Microsoft user and enthusiast, will showcase her favourite PowerPoint features before Simon McCaskill, a Google facilitator and Google slides evangelist, will try and replicate the function in Google Slides. Then the tables will be turned and roles reversed as Simon shares his favourite Google slides features for Melissa to match them in PowerPoint.

    With two passionate product champions sitting on two very different sides of the fence it looks set to be an interesting debate to say the least.

    Learning Outcomes

    • An understanding of the fundamental differences in PowerPoint and Google slides
    • Uncovering some of the hidden features of both PowerPoint and Google slides to take your presentations to the next level.
    • A balanced view of the pros and cons of each platform so you can make a better educated decision on your presentation platform of choice.
  • Becoming a GMail Superuser

    Are you using Gmail to its full potential? If the answer is ‘no’ then this is the session for you! Become a Gmail superuser and get more done.

    Topics include:

    • How to manage your emails with labels and filters
    • How to reply to mail faster with Google AI tools
    • How to automate and sync Gmail with 3rd party applications
    • Become a Gmail ninja with keyboard shortcuts
    • Take your Gmail to the next level with advanced settings


    This workshop is for anyone who is currently using, or about to begin using, Gmail as their email client and wants to improve their skills and productivity.

  • The Art of Virtual Communication

    How to take virtual communication to the next level to enhance and improve your online learning and collaboration experience.

    In this workshop, we explore everything from the mastering the basics of virtual training and meetings to the more advanced skills involved in not only recreating the face-to-face experience, but enhancing the experience for both the participants and yourself, by creating enjoyable, engaging virtual content that leaves a lasting impression.

    Topics include:

    • Reading the virtual room
    • Running engaging activities
    • The best ‘virtual’ version of you
    • Avoiding screen fatigue
    • Mastering the tech


    This workshop is for anyone who is planning to run virtual meetings or training and wants to improve the experience for all involved.

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