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Sid Madge

Founder of Meee

Founder of Meee

Sid Madge worked with many of the world’s largest brands and ran and worked for some of Europe’s most renowned creative agencies. In 2015 his world changed. While giving a talk to teenagers he was stunned by what they thought about themselves, and how they described themselves. He wanted to help and based on his knowledge of brands and people he founded Meee. To date, Meee has transformed the lives of over 20,000 people, from leaders of SMEs to PLCs, to parents, teachers, students, carers, the unemployed and even prison inmates.  His ambition is to see the magic of Meee in every community around the world.

  • Sid’s recent sessions include:
    • How do you FUEL yourself and your organisation? ‘Organisations don’t change, people do’.
    • We are all magical people. How can you Find, Live and Give yours?
    • How can we use the wonderful worlds of branding, marketing and learning to be at our best more of the time.
    • Being at your best is hard. But it’s a whole lot easier when you know what your ‘best’ is.
    • How can we create truly magical innovative cultures, and people?
    • Organisations don’t change, people do. How can we create the magical workplaces and cultures we want to be a part of?
    • We all matter. We can all have a huge magical impact on our lives, the lives of our colleagues and the lives of our communities. But how?
    • H.O.P.E. How do you Find, Live and Give the Magic through the wonderful work you do? This is super relevant for the care and charity sector.
    • There is magic in education. But, how do you find it in your learners, your colleagues and the communities all around you?
    • W.O.R.K. How to turn this often prickly word into a magical one.
    • K.I.N.D. How can you create the magical kind cultures we all want to be a part of?
    • C.A.R.E. How a very simple anagram can bring purpose, meaning and direction to those that truly care?
    • J.U.S.T. Just Start! How can we all keep up our focus, energy and motivation in our personal and professional lives and in the lives of others?
    • There are three V’s in leadership! How value emanates in every aspect of our lives.
    • Culture. There are two ‘u’s’ in culture. Find out how these two little letters can transform the lives of millions.
  • Stacey Lavery, Philanthropy Manager, Liverpool School Of Tropical Medicine

    Sid delivered a session for the track I was curating at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention. His session was both moving and inspiring, and I think it really struck a chord with participants. This was demonstrated by the rush of people to meet him, at the end of his session, to further discuss some of the points he raised. I’d highly recommend Sid as somebody who will raise the aspirations of your team. He is a breath of fresh air.

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